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Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Fountain of Youth [Soundteller Records]

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Paul Angelo & Don Argento return to Deersky’s Soundteller Records this week for a follow-up to their ‘Sign of Erevos’ single. Released in December of 2017 it closed the year out strong for the Cyprus based duo, putting them firmly on the progressive house map. A remix of ‘Apollonia’ by Pranav Mayekar then appeared in April along with strong outings for 3rd Avenue and Stellar Fountain. Paul and Don now return to Soundteller for a brand new EP entitled ‘Fountain of Youth’.

Beginning with ‘Entrap’ we find Paul and Don crafting a deep and chuggy creation which conjures up a variety of mysterious moods. As squelchy stabs gently modulate, rolling rhythms push the momentum before being encased in a ghostly atmosphere. Lively hooks brighten the framework momentarily before initiating the main break. Solemn yet powerful, it’s a unique emotional space, eventually leading to a rush of drums and beats for the ultimate payoff.

The release concludes with it’s title and showcase piece ‘Fountain of Youth’ which finds the duo exploring melodic territory. Coming in much proggier than the lead piece this is pure in every sense of the term. It’s rhythmic flow, charged electronics and blissful soundscapes seem tailor made for Hernan Cattaneo or Nick Warren. No doubt a delight on the dance floor it’s bound to create more than a few goosebump moments over the coming months. A much welcome return to Soundteller for Paul & Don who continue to rise up the progressive house ranks. Highly Recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2GudZqU

Release Date: 21-05-2017

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