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Orsen – Driftwood [Replug]

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Dan Baseley aka Orsen returns to Replug Records for the much anticipated follow-up to his 2017 release 'Through The Woods'. Received amidst much praise, the four track offering was sonically diverse and widely regarded as Dan's most captivating work to date. The UK born, Austria based artist began his 2018 journey with a remix of '11 Moons' by progressive house stalwarts GMJ and Matter. Coming courtesy of Proton Music it set in motion what promises to be another landmark year for the burgeoning producer. Now presenting his first original productions of 2018, Orsen returns to Cid Inc's Replug Records with a brand new artist showcase entitled 'Driftwood'.

Spread across three tracks it's the title and first showcase piece 'Driftwood' which gets the EP underway. Built around a buzzing foundation are effervescent pulses and head shaking percussion. From dramatic, anticipatory beginnings the narrative then shifts into emotive territory, as warm overlays descend over the charged groove. Evolving elegantly over it's eight minute voyage are reflective motifs and hopeful themes, before culminating in a tepid rush of rich textures and impassioned chord changes.

The equally brilliant 'Modified' continues the journey with an effortless, free flowing style. A cascading bass pattern begins the melodic storyboard, developing subtly within the rhythmic framework, as fuzzed out stabs and waves of atmosphere elevate the mood. Beautifully sculpted percussion adds further drive, leading to a collage of melodic textures, ultimately peaking during an exhilarating third act finale.

The release concludes with 'Tundra' which finds Orsen exploring new melodic directions. Beautiful and innovative in equal measure it's a snapshot of the Austria based artist's vast studio repertoire. On a backbone of warm, delicate beats comes organic percussion, piano motifs and a squirrly yet emotive lead line. Its capricious nature behoves a string of emotive moments, accentuated wonderfully by rousing vocal phrases, before melting down to a gentle purr in the third and final act.

For an artist who chooses his projects wisely, Orsen has once again expanded his sonic palette on 'Driftwood', creating evocative sound stories while keeping a pulse firmly on the dance floor. Set to be one of the summer season's most sought after EP's, it further solidifies Orsen's place amongst the progressive house elite.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2HquNj6

Release Date: 08-06-2017

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