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ODAX – Unhappy Nation [Polyptych]

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Presenting their fourth release of the year, Polyptych welcomes Odax to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Cuba but now based in Spain, Odax has been a professional producer for well over a decade, composing music for contemporary dance, theater, advertising and audiovisuals, along with being a part of the Nacional Electrónica and I.A production duos. After making his debut on La Cura de la Semana in 2021, the Madrid resident went on to showcase his music via Blasting Recordings and Freegrant, before landing back on La Cura de la Semana for his first artist EP in 2022. Now, embarking on his first project of 2023, Odax makes his Polyptych debut with a three-track showcase entitled 'Unhappy Nation'.

Beginning with ‘Black Winds’, Odax continues to flex his creative muscles with what would have to be one of his most astral sounding productions to date. Led by a rolling groove, its ethereal nature proves to be compelling, with wavy arps, sweeping effects and strong key changing basslines dominating an emotive first act. Concise at just about a minute in length, the main break expands the narrative with a display of cinematic pads and fuzzed out textures creating a surreal sonic environment, before a striking stab steals the air and the groove drops for a finale that is equal parts cosmic and emotive.

Moving forward with the second and also title selection ‘Unhappy Nation’, Odax carries that mystical peak time presence through mountainous grooves, shuffling percussive arrangements and an array of precise effects which allow for a great sense of depth and space. Landing early, the first break serves to introduce an arcane lead which sits in an odd yet creative space. Accented with timely chord changes and fragmented arps, it's uniquely prophetic nature will no doubt win over even the most discerning fans, and with a heartfelt break sitting at the tracks core a positive dance floor reaction is guaranteed.

The release concludes with ‘Buried’ which finds Odax taking a more introspective approach with spacey soundscapes blanketing pulsating grooves and sleek hypnotic beats. Building with a subdued pulse, this is production which delights through slow-burn repetition and otherworldly sonics. Furthering it's sci-fi appeal is a robotized vocal which emerges across the main break, brief but memorable, it's foreboding nature perfectly sets the mood for a tasteful drop and a final of prismatic arps. It rounds out an excellent artist showcase from Odax, who makes an impressive Polyptych debut with ‘Unhappy Nation’. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 24-02-2023

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