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Not Demure, RYAN (AR) – Lavender [-102C]

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Deepwibe Underground's -102C begins the new year by welcoming Ryan (AR) and Not Demure to the label for a two track showcase. Born in Argentina but now based in Spain, Ryan (AR) found his footing quickly following his debut release for Clinique Recordings in 2019. The Barcelona resident took his deep sound to top tier destinations such as Nick Warren's The Soundgarden and Hoomidaas. Similarly, Not Demure was born in Argentina and now calls Spain home. Following initial releases for Hitclub and TOTUM Music in 2017, the Mar del Plata native went on to showcase his sound via LAIKA Sounds, Magician On Duty and Univack. Now joining forces for the first time, DJ Ryan and Not Demure debut on -102C with 'Lavender'.

Beginning with 'Vetive' Not Demure and RYAN work placid atmospheres and organic percussion over warm punchy beats and mountainous bass tones. The duo’s drifting effects are beautifully crafted, creating a vivid soundscape and magical transition into a second act of fragmented melodies and vibrant percussive arrangements. It's a smooth and emotive transition which ultimately spearheads further melodic trickery and a delightfully wonky break.

Meanwhile, title selection 'Lavender' goes a touch deeper and more emotive with impassioned synth phrasing and tepid tonal themes layering a healthy complement of exotic percussion and voluptuous bass. The main break goes straight for the heart with a youthful exuberance and nostalgic chord changes perfectly setting up a heartfelt finale. It rounds out two exceptional tracks from Not Demure and RYAN, an artist duo who have delivered gorgeous design and strong musicality across both. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3HmnhWA

Release Date: 03-02-2021

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