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Noema – ONE [The Magic Movement]

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Noema is a pioneering downtempo, balearic disco and indie dance artist from Germany. His new album "ONE" is a multisensory experience and surreal cosmic journey.

ONE is an extraordinary piece of music that fuses orchestral instrumentation with electronic beats. The music is part of a comprehensive art piece that Noema calls an "Interactive Performance Concert." The performance includes music, interactive choreography & stage design, theatre and costumes.

The best way of diving into the cosmos of ONE is certainly through the interdimensional and immersive videos that you will find via this YouTube link...


More videos from the project will be released in the next few weeks via Noema's Instagram account.

Over the past year and a half, Noema has written and recorded the music with a small orchestra, created the story, texts, costumes, graphics, videos, choreography, and showed an early experimental version at Garbicz Festival 2022. In his own words, Noema describes the music as "Sun Ra meets Steve Reich meets Larry Levan - imagine it as a "happening" from the 70s."

Talking about the concept of ONE, Noema explains that it's a story of "an island-universe called Noema that manifests as four Interdimensional Space Voyagers. Because humanity has lost their ability to play and connect with each other, these entities became trapped in our dimension and now put on performances to re-power their portal, so that we can all be interdimensional again!"

This concept is brought to life with live performances where Noema is joined by five contemporary dancers/actors who perform the story in costume, and invite up to 120 people from the audience to join the interactive experience.

The main inspiration for the music of ONE came from the minimal music classic "In C" by Terry Riley. It consists of 56 melodic patterns, which are repeated and consecutively played from the first to the last. Every instrument played can move on to the next pattern at their own pace to make each performance free-flowing and unique. The piece is approximately 45 minutes long without a break.

This unique concept comes via Noema's record label The Magic Movement, which along with its label owner's music has featured tracks by the likes of Xique-Xique, Nicola Cruz, Carrot Green, Kermesse and Oceanvs Orientalis.

Noema has also featured his tracks and remixes on other labels such as Sol Selectas and Get Physical, and ONE will be followed by a remix package that includes club focused remixes by Lauer, Kalabrese, Shubostar, Panthera Krause, Mehmet Aslan, Lovefingers, Kelpe and Nicola Noir.

You can buy "ONE" from HERE.


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