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Nick Varon – Volantis [Or Two Strangers]

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Antrim’s Or Two Strangers caps off a successful 2020 by welcoming Nick Varon to the label for his debut EP.The Greek born; Spain based artist has become a beloved figure in progressive music culture over the last two decades. The Barcelona resident is also a frequent contributor to Hernan Cattaneo’sSudbeat Music, while travelling the world and delighting crowds with his exquisite programming skills and cutting-edge music selections. Now following a well received EP for DJ Zombi’s Beat Boutique, Nick debuts on Or Two Strangers with ‘Volantis’.

Although showcasing an organic house sound on his previous release, Nick now falls back on his progressive house roots with the title selection ‘Volantis’. Fuelled by rhythm and groove; it’s well sculpted foundation, buoyant percussion and wavy tonalities form the backbone of this thrilling journey. Pulsating rhythms and emerging harmonics elevate mood across the first act, providing a smooth bridge into the main break. Short but impactful, the centrepiece shifts the narrative further into ethereal territory, with clustered motifs gently peaking for a powerful drop and thumping final movement.

The second selection ‘Surrender’ follows suit with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship. Once again, a progressive minded groove runs through the piece, while an array of bouncy rhythmic themes and free flowing fragments create a fluid storyboard. Steam like sweeps transfer energy into a short second act, serving to build tension and reset the groove for a meditative finale.

Rounding out the release in style is the title selection ‘Kindred Spirits’ which finds Nick showcasing his remarkable combination of rhythm and groove once again. Spacious and energetic, it’s a creation built around rolling bass tones and pensive atmospheres. Luminous pulses, otherworldly effects and acid-like lines converge as the first act unfolds, while ghostly overlays shift energy into the break. Surreal and tense in equal measure, timely modulation adds drama across the brief interlude, ultimately reaching a tasteful crescendo which perfectly sets up a striking final movement. A powerful production from Nick, capping off an inspired Or Two Strangers debut for the veteran Greek artist.

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Release Date: 07-12-2020

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