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Moonwalk Feat. Da Believer – Different People [Stil Vor Talent]

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Following up to last year’s 'Alba' EP, Italian duo and label staples Moonwalk resurface on Stil vor Talent with their new three-tracker, 'Different People'.

Tapping into the very vein of melodic techno they’ve become key exponents of over the years, this new EP finds Vizioli and Morabito serving up a trio of rolling club weapons primed for hectic night rides and sweat-inducing sessions both on and off the dancefloor. Featuring da Believer on vocals, the title-cut 'Different People' engineers a clever mix of 80s Casio synths, seesawing bass and cold-wave influence, all woven under the standard of Moonwalk’s trademark minimalistic sound design.

Driven by a fevered momentum of EBM-laced arpeggios, the gravity-defying 'Lunar Field' flies us off to an otherworldly sonic journey where lusher-than-lush synth tapestries and melancholy-drenched echoes freely embrace and entangle symbiotically. Peppered with Narya’s sensuously ethereal vocals, 'Beyond The Lines' then subtly veers off into further introspective, trancey pop-informed territories.

Easing us in its own bubble of weightless chords and cottony harmonics, the track keeps on swelling and blooming, slowly but surely morphing into a steadfast, open-air fest big-mover. Lovers of streamlined techno-house with a deep melodic twist rejoice, Moonwalk are your hosts for an adventurous jaunt into the wild blue yonder.

Buy: bit.ly/3gLvglt
Release Date: 30-04-2021



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