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Monojoke – Arterials [Juicebox Music]

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Monojoke - Arterials [Juicebox Music]

Monojoke makes a much anticipated return to Juicebox Music this week with his 'Arterials' EP. The Polish artist first appeared on the Indian imprint in February of 2016 with a remix of ‘Sigiriya’ by Subandrio. 2017 has been filled with quality productions for Monojoke, including several collaborations with Tuxedo (as Fluente) which have found their way onto Knee Deep In Sound and Sudbeat Music. Now as the year winds to a close Monojoke presents a brand new EP alongside remixes from Greenage and Matias Chilano.

Monojoke has certainly developed his own sound over the years and he’s become one of the most beloved artists in the progressive house underground as a result. The lead track ‘Arterials’ showcases that beautifully with its effervescent, electric sound. Chuggy and dynamic, the first act flows through an array of cosmic effects and bleepy rhythmic elements. The narrative then evolves into epic proportions during a two minute break. Crafted for maximum dramatic impact, a catchy lead theme rises up through the iridescent haze for a goosebump inducing final act. The companion piece ‘Backwards’ comes in a touch darker and even more dramatic in the best way imaginable. It's chugging energy is infectious but it's a break of sinister, mischievous melodies that ultimately resonates the most, setting up a very powerful drop and wicked finale. Two of Monojoke's best tracks to date in my opinion.

As with all Juicebox Music releases the remixer choices are spot on with Greenage and Matias Chilano delivering some of their best ever work. First up Indian artist Greenage makes a long overdue debut on Juicebox Music taking the lead track ‘Arterials’ into his world of driving, trippy progressive house. The tempo comes up a touch with the focus being much dubbier and indistinct overall. A reworked version of the lead does highlight the main break but the delivery is on a much headier, cosmic level while the third act pushes forward with peak time momentum.

The release concludes with Matias Chilano also making his label debut following strong remixes for Sound Avenue and Soundteller Records. The Argentinean artist opts for a deeper, smoother rendition and it’s turned out wonderfully. Ultra sleek, it’s meditative vibe is a joy to listen to and sounds ideal for a late night dance floor. The lead elements have been reprocessed into a fuzzed out, organic motif while a pair of arps take you further into the cosmos. A classy remix from Matias which rounds out another excellent release for Juicebox Music, an imprint surely in the running for progressive house label of the year.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2hyjXx2
Release Date: 20-11-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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