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Max Averbach – Shadows [A Must Have]

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The latest release from A Must Have welcomes Max Averbach to the label for his debut EP. The Canadian artist first appeared on the progressive house underground in June of this year with a single for Russia's BQ Recordings. An EP for Tuxedo's Electronic Tree soon followed, along with two well received remixes for BQ. Perhaps most significant was a contribution to 3rd Avenue's popular 'We Are The Future' series. Released in September it solidified Max as a name to watch but little is known about this Toronto resident. Although a new name, Max has been following the genre's landscape for nearly two decades. His passion began at the age of 17 after going to some of the city's finest underground clubs. At the time Max was unaware of what he was hearing but the names Hernan Cattaneo, Steve Lawler, Satoshi Tomiie, Sander Kleinenberg and others resonated strongly with him. It was not long after Max discovered his passion was progressive music and his tastes refined quickly as he became familiar with Chris Micali and Andre Absolut, who were two of the more cutting edge artists of that era. At the age of 22 Max started experimenting with production, and with the help of books and watching tutorials the Canadian slowly refined his craft to where is today. Now making his debut on A Must Have, Max presents a two track artist showcase entitled 'Shadows'.

Already known for being rooted in nostalgic sounds of the genre, Max continues that sentiment with the lead track 'Shadows'. It’s tough groove is spacious yet commanding, setting the tone for a wide array of spacey effects and uniquely tailored drums to fill in the framework. Almost meditative at points, a backdrop of gaseous swirls transitions the piece into the main break. Melting down to a set of astral waves, the centrepiece furthers the narrative just enough to add drama and tension before the beats drop for a powerful finale.

The companion piece 'Visitor' follows a similar sonic ethos and sits as a worthy complement to it's predecessor. Once again it’s a storyboard of tough beats, rumbling rhythms and spacey motifs which set the tone across the first act. The main break brings further magic, with growling synths and a haze of noise eventually giving way to emotive chord changes and tasteful modulation. Elegantly peaking it sparks a classy drop and ultimately rounds the release out on a strong note. Two wonderful old school tracks from Max, who continues to be one of this years most intriguing new artists. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2mBXuFy

Release Date: 30-09-2019

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