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Matan Caspi – Crosswinds [Clubsonica Records]

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The 41st release on Clubsonica Records welcomes Matan Caspi to the label for his debut single. The Israeli artist has been a mainstay of the electronic music underground for more than a decade. Releases on Global Underground, Deeperfect, Movement Recordings and Spinnin highlight his discography. More recently Matan has been dominating Beatport's Progressive House charts with a string of outings on his Outta Limits imprints. Now stepping up for his Clubsonica debut Matan presents his latest single 'Crosswinds' alongside remixes from Kamilo Sanclemente and Juan Pablo Torrez, Paul Kardos and LoQuai.

Having been nominated for Progressive House artist of the year by Beatport has only fuelled Matan's creative fire. Never one to rest on his laurels the Israeli unleashes one of his all time best works in 'Crosswinds'. Beginning with warm swells and vocal overlays the framework gets filled in with chunky bass stabs and vibrant percussion. The narrative shifts with the introduction of a full vocal, carrying the composition further into emotive waters. Intertwined with a cascading lead theme it's a magical pairing, making for what might be Matan's most emotionally gripping creation date.

The first interpretation of 'Crosswinds' is provided by Kamilo Sanclemente and Juan Pablo Torrez. This is a first time collaboration from the Colombian duo for Clubsonica who have both enjoyed immense success in their solo careers. Now a staple of Beatport's progressive house charts Kamilo has grown into one of Colombia's biggest artists, while Clubsonica label boss Juan Pablo Torrez has become a regular in the sets of Hernan Cattaneo. With both having their pulse on the heart of the genre this first time collaboration for Clubsonica has been much anticipated and delivers in a major way. Clocking in at ten minutes it's an expansive journey which expands the consciousness of the original. From its rippling, rib crushing groove to a collage of astral motifs it's a compelling first act, perfectly setting up a cavernous break. Building to an effervescent boil, before melting down to vocal fragments and sonic artefacts, it's a two minute interlude for the ages, foreshadowing the cosmic finale perfectly.

Rising out of Hungary's hotbed of progressive house talent is Paul Kardos. No stranger to Clubsonica, having just released his excellent 'Main Theme' single, the Hernan Cattaneo favourite now returns to remix 'Crosswinds'. Putting his pure progressive touch on the composition, the Hungarian utilizes the vocal motif perfectly, drifting above a warm, chuggy foundation and layers of hypnotic refrains. Growling stabs add drama to the emotive tapestry, eventually breaking down into a trail of vocal effects and bulbous bass tones. Its meditative qualities set the stage for a smooth energy bridge, bringing an understated yet poignant rush into the hypnotic finale.

The release concludes with LoQuai making his debut on the label. There are few in the progressive house underground with a longer and more extensive discography than the Russian born, German based artist. His decade long career has cemented his place in the genres history. Known for his groovy productions Loquai opts for a smooth, exhilarating approach, highlighting the vocal and lead theme in a more indistinct way, as it melds perfectly with the flowing atmospheres and tonal changes. A lovely remix from Loquai which rounds out what would have to be considered one of Clubsonica's most sought after releases to date.

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Release Date: 05-03-2017

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