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Maximiliano Biondi aka Maezbi was born in Lobos, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1993. Since the beginning of his life is linked to music. In his adolescence he began to develop an interest for the electronic music, influenced by DJs like Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Nick Warren, Sebastien Leger, Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, DAVI and other great artists. His sets are characterized for versatile sounds with a variety of rhythms, but with a strong tendency to generate percussive grooves and sweet melodies. He positions his sound in the creative space between deep/tribal & progressive house. This week finds Maezbi making his debut on Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music with an excellent remix of 'Lost In Roses' by Kabi (AR) and K Loveski.

Progressive Astronaut caught up with Max to learn more about the release of his 'Lost In Roses' Remix, his background, nightlife in Argentina, studio process, DJing, and more. Enjoy.

Hi Maximiliano, thanks for joining us. What is your current mood and what was the last piece of music you listened to?

Hello friends, thank you for having me on board. Right now, I'm on a plane chatting with you on my way back from my holidays, feeling relaxed and eager to tackle 2024. The last piece I listened to was "Modern Love" by the great David Bowie.

How has your start to the year been, how have you been enjoying the summer in Argentina and what are your plans for the coming week?

The beginning of 2024 has been fantastic; I visited friends at the beach in Argentina and traveled with my girlfriend through the beautiful south of our country. Next week will be for catching up on some tasks in the studio and getting organized.

Looking back on 2023 what gigs of yours have stood out and why?

My first main event in Buenos Aires, produced by progressive-ar, was the most fun I've had.

What’s a piece of music (not your own) from 2023 that had the biggest impact on you, and what makes it outstanding for you?

As for choosing a favorite piece from 2023, I'll have to pass. There were so many exceptional tracks for every moment.

Take us through a typical day when you’re not traveling, what does a day in your life look like?

I usually wake up between 9/10 in the morning and dive into my studio. Some days I play tennis, and others I do yoga. Always accompanied by my dog Rocky and lots of music.

Argentina is known for a wealth of electronic music talent. Tell us how living there has impacted the music you make, and your career path into the industry.

It's true, we have great artists, which always pushes creativity in the studio to new heights, making it both motivating and challenging, turning you into a versatile artist.

What are some of your best memories from first going to clubs? Were there specific nights or sets that really made you feel you wanted to pursue electronic music?

There were many memorable events, but before being an artist; I was, am, and will always be a clubber. Some events that come to mind: Guy J at The Bow (2018), Hernan Cattaneo at Forja 2019 (Córdoba), Maceo Plex at Creamfields Argentina, and John Digweed & Guy J at Mute (Mar del Plata).

If you were a tour-guide for nightlife in Argentina, what would be the clubs you’d take the people to see and what local DJs do they need to hear?

If I were to create a nighttime tour guide, big names like "The Bow," "PM" in Buenos Aires, and "Circus" in La Plata would definitely be on the list. But above all, I'd take people to more underground parties where you can feel the heat of the dancefloor in a more intimate setting, like the ones put on by the progressive-ar crew.

When we ask most artists what is responsible for the popularity of electronic music in Argentina the overwhelming answer is Hernan Cattaneo, would that be your feeling also? And if so please speak on that, also to add to that, who else from Argentina inspired you when you first discovered the music.

Hernán is undoubtedly responsible for elevating Argentine electronic music on the global stage. His shows in the country have set high standards and are eagerly awaited by music lovers. But there are also rising artists who inspire me a lot.

You have a new remix ‘Lost In Roses’ by Kabi & K Loveski out now via Juicebox Music. Tell us a bit about the release and how it showcases your current sound.

From the moment I received the proposal, I knew it would be a challenge due to the success of the original track. With a lot of work, I've been able to re-version it and showcase a more rebellious sound that I've wanted to express for a while.

Let our readers inside your studio for a moment, what is your current setup and what studio tools are featured heavily in your recent productions and more specifically your ‘Lost In Roses’ remixes.

My studio has basic equipment but gets a lot of use. For monitoring, I use Adam F7 and Beyerdynamic. In "Lost in Roses," I used Omnisphere, Massive, and my Roland System 1 synth extensively.

Some producers like to stay pretty close to the themes of a track when they remix it, while others, Guy J being a good example, create something completely different and fresh, how do you generally approach remixes? And what was it about ‘Lost In Roses’ which made you want to remix it?

In the case of "Lost in Roses”, I tried to remix it using original synths of mine and give space in the break for elements from the original track to shine through. It's one of my favorite tracks from the label created by great producers.

You’re starting to DJ more and more the last year or two, getting frequent gigs, tell us your approach to programming a set and all the factors which go into what you end up playing on a given night.

The music I play in my sets and the approach I take depends on each night, venue, time, and lineup. I have music for every moment and situation that I think might happen that night, considering the factors I mentioned.

Can you tell me a bit about how your work as a DJ has influenced your view of music, your way of listening to tracks, and also, your work as a producer?

These two facets (DJ/producer) feed into each other. Searching and discovering music for gigs made me sit in the studio with those influences. I'm aiming to be more versatile with the music I play, and that's gradually reflected in the studio.

How much prep do you put into the sets you play, or are they spontaneous for the most part?

Preparation involves selecting and searching for music before the show and filtering as much as possible based on each night's vibe. Most of it is spontaneous, but often from trying out mixes in the studio, I already know which songs can be paired together.

If you could set up an event with a line-up of five artists of your choice, who would you book and what set times would you ascribe to the artists?

My guys, without a second thought: Facundo Losardo and his fine selection would be an excellent warm-up act. Polo b2b Cocho for the main set. Agustin Ficarra b2b Kabi for the night's closing. Epic night 😊

If you are not DJing, producing or socializing at clubs, where do we find you? And doing what?

In the morning, I'm a freelance financial advisor, play tennis, and do yoga.

If you were not a DJ/Producer what do you think you’d be doing with your life?

I could continue with what I studied in university, but it's a very boring life to think about, ha ha ha.

Current top five tracks?

(not in order)

Doctor Dru – "Praerie": I used it a lot in my early days; it has a captivating drop and a melody that sounds like a hit.

Davi – "Eclipse": One of the first pieces I heard, great sound quality and very mysterious.

Adam Ten, Yamagucci – "The Girl Next Door": A gem from Guy Gerber's Rumors label; I play it in my sets, it creates unforgettable moments.

Cornucopia – "Forever Gone": The intro is so captivating that by the time the groove on, people are ready for anything.

Guy J – "The Beast of Sea": For me, Guy J's best piece in terms of creativity and sound quality. The synths are out of this world. Top

What are some of your favourite TV series? Both recently and all time?


Stranger Things


Apart from music, what makes you happiest?

Spending time with my girlfriend Mai and my dog Rocky, relaxing and resting my body, cooking, and having barbecues with my friends while playing music with the CDJs.

What does 2024 hold for you in terms of releases and gigs? Anything you can share with us?

2024 is shaping up to be a year filled with music, new sound explorations, concerts, and possibly some tours. There's a collective project that has me very excited, but who knows when I'll be able to share more about it; hopefully SOON!

Thx guys for a fun interview 😊

Maezbi's remix of 'Lost In Roses' by Kabi & K Loveski is available now via Juicebox Music: http://tinyurl.com/6fe9h49t

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