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Lampé – Pressurized [Stil Vor Talent]

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Based out of Hamburg, Lampé goes in commando style on his debut contribution to the Stil vor Talent fold, 'Transmission'. Raiding the dancefloor with a pair of hard-nosed churners set to whip up ravers into a frenzy, the German producer puts on the afterburners and doesn't intend to slow down one bit. Written during the pre-touring season of 2023, there's a solid pair of DJ-friendly assets for the busy season ahead.

All in pressurized volatility and steel-clad punch, the lead single unfolds a contrasted sequencing, swinging moods and rhythms as the bass-heavy pressure makes itself more menacing with every bar. From a stealth, passive-aggressive early buildup to a fun-loving second half focussing on the epicness of the gated vox chatter and elastic synthwaves, Lampé serves up an absolute treat of a peak-time weapon, zeroed in on submerging dance floors with its powerhouse engineering of uptempo drive and cavernous punch.

In the producer's own admission a track built to ease the raver from a nightly scenario into a sun-drenched setup, 'Pressurized' oscillates "between dark and bright with a hypnotic and easy groove". Percolating a zesty mix of heavy-traction electro swagger and industrial techno gone astray, the track shifts gears with seamless panache, stacking up energy to better fire it back across the room. A choice first transmission that astutely surfs the edge between total club sweep-up and playful 90s-style exhalations.

Buy: lnk.to/Lampe-Transmission-StilvorTalent
Release Date: 08-03-2024

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