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Juan Sapia & Geronimo Eguiguren – Delorean [Or Two Strangers]

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Presenting their fourth release of the year, Antrim’s Or Two Strangers welcomes Juan Sapia and Geronimo Eguiguren to the label for a new single. Hailing from the progressive house hotbed of Argentina, Juan Sapia has enjoyed a steady rise since first emerging in 2017. As a favourite of progressive music tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Buenos Aires resident has compiled an impressive resume, landing releases on top tier imprints such as Clubsonica, Mango Alley, Sudbeat Music and The Soundgarden. Also calling Or Two Strangers home, Juan made his label debut in 2019 with the ‘Magic Moon’ EP, before going on to appear on Volume 3 of the label’s popular Strangers series in 2021. Meanwhile, Buenos Aires resident Geronimo Eguiguren has also made his mark since first emerging in 2019. Longstanding imprints Balkan Connection, Droid9, Soundteller and more have played host to his groovy progressive sounds. Or Two Strangers affiliate Strangers Beats has also been a landing spot for Geronimo, having notched two releases across 2019-2020. Having previously collaborated on a project for If You Wait, Juan and Geronimo join forces once again for Or Two Strangers with ‘Delorean’, alongside remixes from Antrim and K Loveski.

Much lauded for their emotive sounds, the duo continues to explore that narrative on ‘Delorean’. Wrapped within a fluid rhythmic shell are muscular beats, undulating basslines and a myriad of tantalizing effects. The Argentinean’s storyboarding takes hold as trance-inspired melodies and glowing overlays shine through a percussive forest and key changing slabs of bass, before opening further as the main break commences. The interlude showcases the duo’s propensity for genuine musicality, as evocative harmonies continue to emerge, while shapeshifting vocal choirs and timely piano stabs sweep across the stereo field, eventually giving way to a thunderous drop and uplifting finale.

Providing the first interpretation is Or Two Strangers boss Antrim who returns to the label for his first remix this year. With 2022 getting underway with the well-received Abi Ferraresi vocal vehicle ‘Seek the Sun’, Antrim then returned to Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music with the equally impressive ‘Stax’. Now fresh off one of the year’s best covers for Olive’s ‘You’re Not Alone’, Antrim dials in his first remix of 2022, taking ‘Delorean’ into his world of charged grooves and charming melodies. Rebounding rhythms and warm key changing basslines set the course for snatches of fluttery arps and colourful effects. A gorgeous contrast from the Cordoba resident and one which is explored further across a heartfelt break. A bed of tantalizing breakbeats sets the foundation for grandiose pianos and clustered arps to melt away into a groove-centric drop and percussive finale.

The release concludes with K Loveski making his label debut with the second and final interpretation of ‘Delorean’. Beloved for his timeless progressive style, the Russian artist lays claim to releases via Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, Balance Music, Mango Alley and Nature Rec, while also earning the support of Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J across his twelve-year career. Having made his debut on label affiliate Strangers Beats in 2019 with ‘Spinola’, K Loveski now steps up to Or Two Strangers with a gorgeous take on ‘Delorean’. Smooth and rhythmic throughout, the Saint-Petersburg resident goes deep and groovy for what results in an uplifting eight-minute journey. Percolating synth lines, emerging melodies and rugged chord stabs unite across the first act, perfectly setting up a concise break. Meandering vocal motifs and swirling textures cast a colourful soundscape as the centrepiece evolves, adding a celestial flair as the narrative builds onwards to a thumping drop and energetic finale. A gorgeous interpretation from K Loveski which rounds out an excellent collaborative single from Juan Sapia and Geronimo Eguiguren, an artist duo who continue to build on their creative synergy.

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Release Date: 25-11-2022

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