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Jorge Viana – Encélados [Dopamine White]

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The latest release from Dopamine White welcomes Jorge Viana to the label for his debut EP. The Argentinean artist has been rising up in the progressive music scene since making his debut in 2018 with a release on 3xA Music. Subsequent outings for Clinique Recordings and Superordinate Music furthered the sentiment that Jorge was a name to watch in the genre's vast talent pool. Now embarking on the most anticipated release of his career, the Argentine debuts on Dopamine White with 'Encélados'.

Comprised of two tracks it's the deep, sultry sounds of the title selection which open the EP. Fluid grooves, smooth rhythms and an array of cosmic effects unite across this near ten minute journey. Pensive pads descend over the framework for a tense yet spirited vibe, before luminous tunes and effervescent percussion carry into the main break. Cascading keys lay gently under the surface, eventually getting washed away as billowing synths, lively arps and chugging bass tones make for a heads down finale.

'Oliva' rounds the release out with a similar and equally stunning sonic profile. Once again it's a bed of punchy beats and rolling bass which anchor the piece, while an array of hazy harmonics and melodic fragments take centre stage above. Perhaps geared for late night play, the main break brings a sense of calm, with drifting atmospheres and esoteric tones uniting for magical moments, as mountainous bass tones usher in a groovy final movement. It caps off a great Dopamine White debut for Jorge Viana, who has certainly showcased his career best work here.

Buy: https://bit.ly/33Utmae

Release Date: 28-09-2020

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