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John Drummer – Hope [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain winds the year down by welcoming John Drummer back to the label for a new single. Since his first appearance in 2012, the Hungarian artist has been a primary contributor to the Hungarian imprint, with nearly two decades worth of production credits. After a recent appearance on the label's popular 'Signals From The Void' series in September, the Mohács resident now returns with 'Hope' alongside remixes from Mariner + Domingo and Sapienta.

The original mix kicks the release off with both groovy and musical qualities. It’s tough beats and rolling cadence are nicely accentuated with bright percussion, spacey arps and haunting atmospheres. Piercing stabs add dramatic moments leading into the break where the narrative shifts towards something more emotional. Cascading tones and fluttery arps intertwine across the centrepiece, as the latter gradually opens up into a commanding drop and powerful finale.

One of this years most pleasant surprises in organic house has undoubtedly been Mariner + Domingo. The US duo has been prolific yet consistent, delivering gorgeous music for Balkan Connection, RYNTH and Sound Avenue. Having made their label debut in October with their 'Here I Am' EP, Mariner + Domingo now return to Stellar Fountain for their first remix. The main theme from the original lends itself so well to what the US duo does and the remix has turned out amazingly well as a result. A gorgeous array of organic drums and dusty sonics lay the foundation for that cascading lead, all perfectly complemented with soulful vocal swells and pulsating tones.

Rounding out the release with the second remix is Sapienta formally known as Robert R. Hardy. I'm not sure how aware the progressive community is that this is a new alias for the Hungarian artist, but he's delivered some excellent music this year for Massive Harmony, Suprematic and more. Having returned to Stellar Fountain with the new alias in April, Sapienta then delivered a follow up remix in June. Now rounding out the year with a third appearance, Robert returns with another fabulous progressive production. The Hungarian’s penchant for warm, contoured grooves and tranquil themes is what makes this such a dance floor gem. Deep and rolling, its smooth rhythmic core and tasteful electronics create an exhalating air across the first act. Timely storyboarding adds hopeful anticipation, perfectly foreshadowing a meditative yet spiritually uplifting finale. A gorgeous remix from Sapienta, which makes for a very well rounded release from Stellar Fountain. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 18-12-2020

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