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German Brigante – Será el Flamenco [Sol Selectas]

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German Brigante

German Brigante’s new release ‘Será el Flamenco’ is a four-track organic house EP on Sabo’s Sol Selectas.

Sol Selectas was one of the first labels to start releasing what today is known as organic house, and the record label is one of the genre’s most respected imprints. Not afraid to innovate, Sol Selectas has released seminal tracks such as Namito’s “Stone Flower,” and this release by German Brigante will likely feature some anthems in the making.

Será el Flamenco sees German Brigante blend a Spanish guitar playing flamenco rhythms with old-school synth sounds reminiscent of genres such as acid house. The release has melodic grooves and uplifting vibes that radiate warmth even in these winter months.

First up, “Acido Azul” sets the mood with its thickset bassline, emotive Spanish vocals and upbeat percussion. “Açai” follows suit with a chunky bass that lays a foundation for flamenco guitar chords, flutes and cinematic male vocals. “Será el Flamenco” follows a similar formula to its predecessors, but it’s a little deeper with gliding pads and poignant piano chords. “Inquietud” ends the release with its dropped tempo and mesmerising flute which is complemented by soothing vocals and free-flowing guitar chords.

Out now, buy the release HERE.


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