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Geju – Horizon Problems (Kiosk I.D.)

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Kater Blau is a stronghold for Germany’s organic house scene and it’s one of Berlin’s most respected underground nightclubs.

Kiosk I.D. is a record label that’s run by the team behind Kater Blau, and the imprint’s new release is a seven-track release by Russian duo Geju. This rather splendid mini album has a psychedelic vibe with murky atmospherics and a focus on percussion.

It’s an interesting mix of tracks that are focused on the deeper and darker side of organic house. Rather than sample or record instruments from around the world, the release instead has trippy vocal samples and quirky melodies that have a psychedelic influence.

“Heinz” opens the release with techy percussion and haunting vocal that talks about friendship and relationships which seems a fitting way to start the release, as it gets the listener thinking about their relationship with music and how it unites people.

The next two tracks “Implexus” and “Yasha” have glitchy sound design, then the fourth track “Hair of the Dog” has a ceremonial feeling with gongs and vocal chants.

“Stay Still” has ominous vocals and spooky atmosphere layered with hypnotic percussion, then the last two tracks Rogalik and Dub Jail are both creepy cuts with plodding percussion and lots of eerie atmospherics.

Geju 'Horizon Problems' is out now via Kiosk I.D.


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