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Space 92 [Interview]

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Hailed by critics as "one of techno's most sought-after acts of the decade" Space 92's rise to international superstardom over the past few years has been meteoric to say the least. One of the best selling Techno artists in the world for the third consecutive year in 2022, the prolific, in-demand Frenchman has risen to a level where he is now one of the most sought-after talents in electronic music. Cutting his teeth as a producer first and foremost, Space 92 is now an active globetrotting DJ, wowing huge crowds at festivals and nightclubs all over the world, where he showcases his prolific catalogue of hard-hitting releases on leading labels such as FORM Music, Filth On Acid, 1605 and Kneaded Pains, amongst others. Following the release of his huge 'Mercury' collaboration with HI-LO on Friday, we caught up with the formidable Frenchman to find out more. 

Hello Space 92, and a warm welcome to Progressive Astronaut. How are you today? 

I'm good, thank you! I hope you are as well

Where are you answering this interview from?

From my house in my hometown Toulouse (France). I'm home for a few days, then I'll leave again for what is going to be a busy weekend.

How has 2022 been for you so far? Any highlights?

It's been superbusy so far! In terms of touring, I got to travel to and perform in so many countries. I met amazing people, got to play in front of really awesome crowds, and at last I was able to test all the stuff I'd produced since 2020! Because of the Covid pandemic and lockdown I was prevented from performing for almost two years so being finally able to do so generated such a unique, particular feeling because I'd dreamt of this moment so many times.
And in terms of releases, everything I put out since the beginning of year has been really successful so far so, really, I can't complain. 2022 has been a beautiful year for me and it ain't over yet.

Massive congratulations on your release 'Mercury' on Filth on Acid. What can fans expect when it drops on Friday?

Thank you very much! I'm so happy to see this collaboration with HI-LO released this Friday. We worked on producing something that would be heavily groovy and catchy with a very haunting, trippy melody. Something very intense, energy-wise.

What was it like working with Oliver Heldens (HI-LO) on the project? 

It was honestly very easy. I started working on my side and sent him an idea he liked very much, then the rest followed.

How did the production process work? What roles did you each assume in the studio?

We each worked separately then exchanged ideas in order to merge the lot. Working together remotely was very easy and enjoyable.

Have you been playing it out in your DJ sets? What's the reaction been like?

We each tried out the track when performing a little bit everywhere and the crowd reaction was always the same: people were very euphoric, enthusiastic. It was fantastic witnessing this reaction every time I played that track. I am so proud of the result.

Where can we see you perform over the next few months?

I'll mainly play in France and Germany in August and September. Then I've got a tour in India and Australia in November... Afterwards I've got several gigs planned again in France, Germany and Belgium in December.

You've had a crazy few years. Do you have any goals or objectives you would like to achieve in the future as an artist?

My objective is and always will be to constantly progress as an artist and aim higher and higher. I work hard every single day in order to keep pleasing the people who enjoy my music. I enjoy doing high quality work, I thrive. I'm already super happy with what I've accomplished and I could not have done it with the people surrounding me.

What else do you have coming up over the next few months? Any more exciting releases or projects you can share with us?

I'm stoked to see my next EP coming out September 30th on American label Factory 93. A bunch of suprises are also planned before the end of the year

Anything you'd like to add before we wrap this up?

I am very happy to have chatted with you today! I'd like to thank in advance all your readers following me and supporting me, thanks for the energy guys!

HI-LO and Space 92 - Mercury is out now via Filth on Acid

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