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Feature: Sainte Vie [Interview + Premiere]

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Mexico's Sainte Vie is an artist in his ascendancy. Still only in his mid-twenties, he has collaborated with the like of Who Made Who, remixed Acid Pauli & Sam Shure and seen his music featured on some of the scene's leading labels. Now with a busy 2021 schedule of music, he takes time out to speak to Progressive Astronaut about the year that was 2020 and what things lie ahead...

Hi Pablo, thanks for taking the time to talk to Progressive Astronaut. Can you tell us where in the world you are right now and how are things there during this strange time?

Hey guys! Thanks for having me! Big fan of your work! During lockdown I actually spent the first few months in Mexico City working on music, then I moved to Miami which is something I had been planning for a while. So far, I've been living in Miami for almost a year and I honestly really like it here! After living in New York for 8 years I wanted to try a more calm and warm city near the ocean where I could have a bigger music studio. Miami seemed to be the perfect place so I went for it! Covid wise I would say the situation is pretty relaxed here, restaurants are starting to open, things are starting to move again, I live a bit further from the city and most activities are outdoors so it's a nice environment for me at the moment.

You are from Mexico originally, what can you tell us about your home town and the music scene there?

Indeed! I feel incredibly attracted to México's natural wonders, culture and mesmerizing landscapes. Whenever I get a chance to visit the country I try to explore as much as possible. I consider it a very important source of inspiration! In regards to the music scene, I am deeply inspired by several Mexican bands such as Café Tacvba, Zoé, Caifanes, Bengala, Fobia, Molotov, amongst others. So far, I've had the opportunity to play some really cool festivals in México such as Trópico and Bravo festival. I am also a big fan of festivals like Vive Latino and Corona Capital. Growing up there, I was heavily influenced by Latin rock, my father would take me to so many rock concerts... I even had a rock band called Polar.

We have recently premiered your new track 'Reverie' which features on the Stil Vor Talent compilation 'Schneeweiss 12'. Can you tell us a little about the track, how & when you made it and how it ended up on the compilation?

Thank you for the Premiere! I composed this track in Mexico City during the first months of the pandemic. During the lockdown, I spent most of my time learning and experimenting with different synths, sounds, textures, tempos, arrangements and styles. Reverie represents one part of the result of this powerful learning process. The main idea behind this track was to communicate a massive amount of energy with the bass while letting the lead synth carry the emotion of the track. It was mixed by Hannes Bieger and mastered by Stefan Thomas in Berlin. I'm excited to release it on Stil vor Talent, it's been one of my favourite labels since the very beginning so as soon I heard back from them saying they were interested in releasing it as part of Oliver Koletzki's "Schneeweiss" compilation series I immediately said yes.

You are the man behind the Akumandra imprint, what can you tell us about the label and is that still an ongoing concern?

Akumandra is up and running! Many exciting releases coming this year from upcoming talent such as Kapoor, Hvitling, Doyeq, Roze, Coss and myself to name a few. I really like the sonic direction the label is naturally taking! I also really enjoy discovering new artists through the label and having the opportunity for a little extra creative freedom when it comes to deciding the way I want to put out my music in terms of artwork, mixing and mastering engineers, format, PR, etc...

What are your hopes as an artist for when this pandemic finally comes to an end? Do you have plans to tour as DJ or live act?

When this pandemic finally comes to an end, I am planning on building a more concert and festival focused tour introducing my new live set accompanied by an A/V show I've been working on for a while. At the moment, I'd like to focus exclusively on playing live sets as Sainte Vie, no DJ sets for now.


Away from the studio what are your interests and passions? Please tell us a little about them.

Away from the studio I really enjoy going to the beach, skating, swimming and having a nice dinner. After several hours in the studio, these things truly help me relax and stop overthinking for a bit.

What else is on the horizon for you in terms of releases?

I'm happy to say this year is full of exciting releases. Starting the year with my upcoming release on Stil vor Talent, followed by a single release on Cercle which will be accompanied by a stunning music video in a very special location, followed by an EP release on Akumandra and a collaboration EP with my good friend Coss which is still in the works.

Sainte Vie new track “Reverie is out now via Stil Vor Talent: https://bit.ly/3d0PSTi

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