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Feature: Nico Morano [Interview + Premiere]

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Once in a while, we all come across music with the ability to motivate & inspire. 'Say Yes' is a one of a kind collaboration between Polish Pysh & American Bondar with the captivating vocals of internationally praised slam poet Lazarusman. Also included on this release, a percussive remix by Swiss duo Animal Trainer & an energetic adaptation by our label head Nico Morano.

Hi Nico, first of all, how are you? What’s on your schedule for the upcoming weeks?

I'm very good, thank you! Had a very creative & productive period over the last months. Lot's scheduled for the coming weeks in terms of extra studio sessions, meeting up with singers, finishing more tracks. So I'm a busy bee. On top of this the first 'post-corona' bookings are coming in again! So... can't be more happy!

What does “Say Yes” mean to you and why did you accept to remix it?

A few months ago, Filip a.k.a. Pysh, sent me a lovely instrumental track. He asked my opinion and if it could be something for Atmosphere Records (my own imprint). I almost said... yes. But, ... there was some room for a catchy vocal. So two days later: Pysh: " Nico, vocals by Lazarusman... what do you think?" Didn't have to think... just... YES!

A few weeks later I received the track including the vocals and it was just pure magic. Such a beautiful message, so positive. I loved it with all my heart from the start. So it was super easy to start and bring that extra layer of happiness to the (already strong) original track.
I kept the original vocal / message because I absolutely adore the full story Lazarusman brought to the table!

Do you find it hard to stay positive and motivated during these strange times?

To be honest I didn't have to much difficulties with the motivation part. Didn't really have a 'writers block' or started to eat like a maniac.
Nope, healthy state of mind and ready for the future! Bring on the gigs again please! That is the only thing what I miss sooooooo hard!

You play a lot of streams, do you like it? Because we know you’re a very expressive/outgoing DJ with a strong connection with his crowd.

I don't really play a lot of streams, but only when I really feel the 'audience' is gonna see me in a nice, interesting, new environment.
I did until now 4 to 5 streams. I also though it was important to stay in touch with my fans keep on feeding them with new music, because the hunger to dance, to loose yourself into the music, will always remain! But... let's stop the streamings... ENOUGH! Time for real action now!
Give me a full dance floor please! NOW!

Are you planning new releases?

Well... HELL YEAH!
Never had so many releases following the one after the other one. My schedule until November is fully covered, with releases on following labels:  Eleatics, Ontourage Music, Music Cavernicola, Dantze & my own Atmosphere Records. So I guess the last months were pretty productive.

You’re not only a releasing artist but also the label head of Atmosphere Records, do you have a concrete plan with the label?

Absolutely. So first things first: SAY YES. And when that one is doing great, we move on to the next one. We do monthly releases with Atmosphere Records. For the release in August we gathered 6 of my favo tracks of the last months and made a compilation.
And in September we will release a banger EP of my Italian friend Mattia Pompeo! The future is looking good!

Keep safe y'all! And hopefully we meet somewhere on the dancefloor soon dear PA'ers!

‘Say Yes’ is out on 13-07 @Atmosphere Records, you can purchase the release here: https://bit.ly/3f97ImH

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