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Feature: Mark Reeve [Interview + Premiere]

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One of the most industrious artists in electronic music today, there seems to be no stopping the insurmountable creative force that drives Mark Reeve. Boasting a vast catalogue of critically acclaimed releases on Drumcode over the course of his esteemed, decade-long career – the last of which came in the form of his mammoth mini-album Breathe back in 2021 – Reeve now makes his eagerly anticipated debut on Tale of Us' Afterlife Records with the stunning seven-minute masterpiece, New Age.

Another career-defining moment for Reeve – who makes a departure from driving, peak-time techno to explore a more nuanced, melodic sound palate – New Age sees Mark conjure a sublime slice of dynamic, forward-thinking dance music, and goes a long way in showcasing the inexhaustible creativity of one of the most prolific artists in electronic music today.

Hello Mark, and a warm welcome back to Progressive Astronaut. How are you today?

Great thank you enjoying the amazing weather in europe.

Where are you answering this interview from?

Well from my house near the woods in the outskirts of Frankfurt in Germany.

How have the last couple of years been for you, given everything that's been going on in the world? 

Well it has not been easy put it that way. The covid years were almost impossible to deal with and it was horrible being band from playing music. Not only on the financial side but also psychologically. I know many artists that went for new jobs and have now left the music scene for good.

Do you feel like life is finally beginning to return to normal? 

Yes but with everything going on with eastern europe we are far from normal. It still does not feel right when you know very bad things are going on. I really hope and pray there will be a solution soon.

We understand you have a new release out on Afterlife. Can you tell us more about that please?

Well I have been sending Tale of Us lots of tracks since the corona period. We finally found one that was fitting for Afterlife and now finally it will be released. Its a platform to show more of my more melodic and deeper side. I will also be playing some melodic set's in the future so a new start and a new project I am really looking forward to.

What inspired the move to a label like Afterlife, after such a long-standing relationship with Drumcode?

Like i said the deeper more melodic side was always a passion for me in the studio. I have produced almost 100 tracks over the years. Some of which have been released others probably never will. Drumcode still is a home base for more pumping and straight techno which i love and always will. I dont think this is a move more sort of an expansion. Being able to express both my passion for melodic techno and straight techno.

Will we hear a difference in sound in your DJ sets?

I will also be playing melodic techno sets in the future. Playing out all the deeper music I have produced over the year's. I don't think I will combine straighter sets with melodic ones. I think I will just be available for whatever the promoter wants. Looking forward to the future.

Where can we see you perform over the next few months?

First off its my own label night SubVision at Electroziles Festival in Switzerland. Then I will be heading back to Germany for some festivals. After that I will have my first show on a boat in Budapest and obviously Drumcode Festival in September is a big highlight.

What else do you have coming up over the next few months? Any more exciting releases or projects you can share with us?

Have a project called „Focus" which I will release later on in the year. But first things first and that's my Afterlife release.

Anything you'd like to add before we wrap this up?

Well thanks for having me and hope you like the new release! Lots of love Mark

Mark Reeve - New Age is OUT NOW via Afterlife!


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