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Emi Galvan – Samsara [Replug]

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Presenting their second release of the year, Cid Inc's Replug Records welcomes Emi Galvin to the label for his debut EP. Argentinean DJ and producer Emi Galvin has consistently defied expectations throughout his much-lauded decade-long career. Through the success of early tracks like 2016's 'Taking Over' and 'Universe', the Buenos Aires resident emerged into one of the progressive scene's most promising talents. A rich musical background with time spent in rock bands playing guitar and singing gave Emi's electronic compositions a measurable creative edge. This elusive sound did not go unnoticed as he quickly earned the praise of genre tastemakers Cid Inc, Eelke Kleijn, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren; while landing career defining releases via Balance, Sudbeat and The Soundgarden. Also, an accomplished DJ, Emi's long undulating sets have been applauded for their impeccable track selection and exquisite programming. As one of Argentina's most in demand DJs, Emi has travelled the world, delighting crowds in Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Russia, Spain and Uruguay. Forever choosy in his projects, Emi now begins his 2023 production schedule by adding Replug to his resume with a two-track showcase entitled 'Samsara'.

As the progressive rhythms and exotic drums of opener 'Samsara' unfold, it's clear that Emi's craft must be taken to heart. Capsizing basslines cleverly co-ax with punchy beats and thought-provoking vocals as an epic collage of sonic energies takes shape. The Argentine allows the nine-minute journey to build patiently, exploring all paths for its oriental synth melodies, carrying the listener away on a cosmic pilgrimage to reconnect with feelings of hope, freedom and possibility. The worldly arc of both the melodic and vocal elements parallels the increasing depth of Galvin's sonic palette, whereby his classic combination of room rocking grooves and genuine musicality becomes its most dynamic, and most powerful.

Beneath the potent tidal waves of 'Samsara' lies the hyperventilating helium rush of 'Around the World'. Evoking a confident club vibe from the start, Emi's recalibrated sonics, emotionally resonant hooks and fragmented vocals blanket a deep muscular framework. With an infectious energy that could win over even the most discerning of heads, it's a journey that becomes unabashedly epic at its peak. Galvin pulls from his progressive repertoire, infusing hip-swinging chord stabs, panoramic synths and broken-beat rhythms across a break that is equal parts tense and emotive, before tactfully building towards a finale of colourful atmospherics and jet-engine exhaust.

The 'Samsara' showcase finds Emi releasing his first solo originals in over three years, never once losing momentum as they mercurially move from elusive melodies and captivating breaks to dramatic dancefloor thunder - a suggestion that this might be a standout in Galvin's meticulous catalog.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3nOlOUa

Release Date: 11-05-2023

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