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EANP – Like Sand in My Hands [Just Movement]

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The latest release from Just Movement features the debut of a brand new production alias EANP. Hailing from Argentina, Ezequiel Anile and Nicolas Petracca have come together to form the EANP moniker. Both have enjoyed similar success in their solo careers, becoming favourites of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. Their debut offering as EANP is entitled 'Like Sands In My Hands' and looks to be the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

Spread across five tracks, the title cut leads the EP off with a driving, energetic vibe. Tough beats, clattering percussion and spacey effects quickly fill the air as momentum builds. Airy motifs add an effervescent charm before eventually stripping down into an emotive second act. Uniquely constructed, the melodic centrepiece shifts the narrative from heartfelt into a boundless, atmospheric third act. The second selection 'Rememory' continues with peak time vibes as a full, rolling groove commands a large presence. Phasing synths further the tension as ethereal vocal elements bring contrast during a massive finale. 'Communication' meanwhile adds to the ethos of the EP with a driving, atmospheric storyboard. A staggered lead shines, following a unique modular path before eventually melting down during the break for a poignant moment. This leads perfectly into the rolling 'Secrets' which once again carries an excellent atmospheric presence. Although void of any prominent lead theme it's tight rhythmic core and intense transitions keep the energy buzzing across its eight minute journey. The release concludes with 'Eternity Crystals' which continues the groovy, energetic narrative but with amazing reflective qualities. The main break is perhaps the most emotive moment across the five tracks with a soulful, shifting theme that immediately finds a place in your heart. A standout cut to close out a massive EP from Ezequiel Anile and Nicolas Petracca aka EANP.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2HBGWpT

Release Date: 23-04-2017

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