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EANP – Exsult [Mirabilis Records]

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The latest from Alex Nemec’s Mirabilis Records welcomes EANP to the label for their debut EP. Having worked together for several years it wasn’t until 2018 that Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca decided to coin the EANP alias for their collaborative efforts. The moniker has taken off and seen them land releases on Just Movement, Movement Recordings and the recently relaunched Magnitude Recordings. Now making their Mirabilis debut in a big way the Argentinean duo present their ‘Exsult’ EP.

Spread across five tracks it’s the chunky, chugging beats of ‘Indigo Clouds’ which get the EP underway. A lone stab pierces the air across an energetic first act before the piece breaks down into a wave of symphonic concepts and cosmic dust. A spectacular interlude to say the least and one which carries both emotive and dramatic qualities. A smooth but powerful transition into the finale seals it’s brilliance and leads perfectly into the second selection ‘Large Sparkles’. The tempo comes down a touch here and the sensibility is certainly deeper but no less dramatic with another perfectly crafted break sitting at the heart of the piece. Angelic vocal pads highlight the second act, making it a truly celestial affair before the infectious groove returns for a thumping finale. The EP’s title cut ‘Exsult’ is next and may be the most in demand due to heavy play from Hernan Cattaneo. It’s not hard to see why the storied DJ has found a place for this one in his sets as its compact groove is refined and modern. This is one of the tracks which just has a very vibey feel, the rhythmic elements are the key, a touch less bold than the previous two cuts and catchy as hell. The break again advances the narrative with a cinematic approach as sweeping motifs slowly burrow into your subconscious. The journey continues with ‘Optimus Calling’, complete with processed vocals and another warm, bulbous groove leading the charge. It’s clear that Ezequiel & Nicolas have found just the right studio synergy as it’s another perfectly dialled dance floor selection. What stands out here are the glassy harmonics and a very fluid, hypnotic feel which you just want to listen to on loop for an hour. The release concludes with ‘Banjul’ which is also getting a massive response from DJs. This takes me back to the days of Yunus and Bedrock during the first wave of progressive music at the turn of the century essentially. It’s dark, hypnotic and full of boundless energy which will no doubt play nicely on the dance floor. It’s also the least emotive of the five cuts here I would say as the break stays relatively conservative in that respect, rather focusing on a captivating vocal line which eventually takes you back into the vortex. It caps off five standout cuts from a duo who are as on form as ever. A great signing from Mirabilis and perhaps one of their biggest releases to date. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2OYeUVx

Release Date: 27-08-2017

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