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Dimel De Silva – Upside Down [Dopamine White]

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Continuing to showcase new talent on the label, Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes Dimel De Silva for his debut EP. Since first appearing in October of 2019 the Sri Lankan artist has showcased his music on some of the genre's most regarded labels. Releases for Another Life, BC2 and Droid9 have all been sensational and sit prominently in his discography. Now getting 2021 off to a great start, Dimel debuts on Dopamine White with 'Upside Down'.

The release begins with the deep progressive vibes of the title selection. Smooth and groovy throughout, it carries a dark hypnotic quality at the outset. Moving through layers of detailed percussion and roboticized vocals, before effortlessly segueing into the main break. Trippy effects and emotive chord changes lay the foundation for the vocal narrative to expand across the centrepiece, building tension and intrigue as a flurry of drums sparks a powerful drop and driving finale.

The second selection 'After' follows a similar sonic ethos to its predecessor but resonates on a tougher, more mystical level. Remarkably powerful, it's chunky bass stabs command attention, moving through rolling contours and rhythmic pulses, while clattering percussion and haunting effects add further bounce to the groove. Ethereal atmospheres initiate the main break, eventually melting down to a reservoir of twisted effects and sweeping bass swells. Tense and cinematic in equal measure, it's a mind-bending sonic collage which sets the stage for a dynamic final movement.

The release is capped off in fine fashion with the darker moods of 'Power of Yaaga'. Expertly marrying nostalgic progressive sensibilities, Dimel layers sophisticated rhythmic structures with percussive waves and cosmic effects. It's a unique and highly engaging storyboard, perhaps one of the Sri Lankan artist's most heady to date in fact and no doubt a highly memorable selection for your dance floor. It rounds out three compelling productions from Dimel, who makes a superb Dopamine White debut to begin the year.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3arG98o

Release Date: 15-02-2021

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