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Delum – Furia [Movement Recordings]

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Tash's Movement Recordings rounds out the month of February by welcoming Delum to the label for his debut EP. Born in Argentina but now calling Spain home, Delum has been pushing his brand of cross-genre electronic music for the better part of a decade. Whether paired with occasional studio partner Kintar or operating in solo capacity, Delum's sound often incorporates afro, indie, melodic and progressive elements. It's a cohesive blend which has seen the Ibiza resident land key projects via Armada, Beatfreak, Timeless Moment and Sudam. With Delum's year beginning with the Afro chart hit 'Eternidad', he now adds Movement Recordings to his resume with 'Furia', alongside remixes from Rauschhaus and Futur-E.

Beginning with 'Furia' Delum puts a firm focus on the dance floor which sets the tone for the EP. Full of rejuvenating energies, the Ibiza resident expertly blends punchy kick drums and electric grooves with crunchy rhythms and orbiting effects. Acid-like stabs and arpeggiated fragments steal the air leading into the break, casting a darker monochrome over the journey, before a sensory expanding build cues a rush of main room alchemy. Looking to bring greater depth to his portfolio, Delum flexes the emotive side of his studio repertoire on selection two 'Out Of This World'. With an infectious energy throughout, it's a set of uplifting vocals and droney stabs which get layered by flickering electronics and prophetic chord stabs, making for an epic journey perfectly suited for those main room dancefloors.

The lone interpretation of 'Furia' is provided by Rauschhaus who returns to the label for his second appearance. The German producer has been a highly regarded figure of the melodic house underground since first emerging in 2017 with a contribution to Steyoyoke's 'Ethereal Techno' series. The next half decade saw Rauschhaus craft a consistent stream of superlative releases via Beatfreak, Eleatics, Einmusika and Stil Vor Talent. Movement Recordings has also been a landing spot for the German's elusive sound, having made his label debut in 2021 with 'Arctic', a huge collaboration alongside Greg Ignatovich and Alexandros Djkevingr. Now, following an appearance on Global Underground's 'Select' Series, Rauschhaus makes a welcome return to Movement with a huge rendition of 'Furia'. With a bigger approach, Rauschhaus re-models the track into a peaktime slice of melodic house & techno. Complete with grinding basslines, metallic clusters and growling acid-like lines, it's an energy-rush for the ages that's bound for dancefloor destruction.

The lone interpretation of 'Out Of This World' finds Futur-E returning to the label for his sixth appearance. As the Movement Recordings label manager, the Greek artist has delivered three originals and three remixes since making his debut with a contribution to the label's popular 'Technical Progress' series in 2020. Often finding a creative balance between progressive and melodic house, the Elefsis resident remains choosey in his projects, with standout appearances on Mango Alley and Stripped Recordings in recent years. With a remix of 'Slowly' by Vicissu and Havjers highlighting his 2023 schedule, Futur-E now returns to Movement with an epic rendition of 'Out Of This World'. Built around a tough driving framework, Futur-E focuses on the vocal, letting it breathe and cruise across a bed of thumping beats, striking rhythms and squelchy stabs. A short but dramatic break ties it all together perfectly, quickly building tension for a frenzied energy inducing finale.

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Release Date: 23-02-2023

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