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Danny Avila, Heerhorst, Novem Vivit and Benjamin Di Bora – Desiderati 4.10 (1605)

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Desiderati 4 is a series of four-track mixed artist releases on UMEK’s record label 1605. The 10th release in the series features hot and heavy techno tracks by Danny Avila, Heerhorst, Novem Vivit and Benjamin Di Bora.

Each of the tracks matches the style that 1605 has made its trademark and it’s hard to pick a stand-out cut. UMEK and others such as Reinier Zonneveld are at the forefront of today’s modern techno sound and 1605 has spawned many of the genre's up-and-coming artists.

Heerhorst has featured a few solo tracks on 1605 and his new production “XTC” has its namesake vocal sample as a focal point. It also has cinematic chants and a breakdown with a grinding bassline and a breakbeat percussion loop.

All three of the other artists are new to 1605 and Danny Avila is perhaps the most recognisable of them, as he is well-known in Spain due to his radio show called Mainstage Techno. Danny Avila’s “Atlantis” has high-paced rhythms that leads to a euphoric breakdown which delivers a blissed-out moment that sits between the driving energy of the percussive sections.

The other two tracks follow a similar formula with Novem Vivit’s “Feed Your Soul” being built around a sassy vocal sample and menacing stabs. Benjamin Di Bora’s “Mind Body Connection” is definitely the darkest on the release, as it’s got an intense atmosphere intertwined with industrial percussion sounds.

All of the tracks are extremely well produced and each is everything that fans would expect from UMEK and his 1605 record label.

Various Artists 'Desiderati 4.10' is out now on 1605.


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