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Cherry (UA) – Nebula [Timeless Moment]

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The sensational Ukrainian rising star, Cherry, makes a triumphant return to Timeless Moment with his latest opus, the "Nebula" EP. Heralding his return is the memory of his chart-topping masterpiece, "RUBA," which graced the label's catalog in 2019. A veritable dance floor anthem, it became a legend in its own right, earning its place among the best-selling Timeless Moment tracks of all time.. Now, Cherry delivers not one but four massive peak-time anthems that serve as a testament to his studio prowess. "Valhalla" blends futuristic vocals with powerful stabs and an entrancing riff. "Samsara" artfully melds old-school trance stabs with ethereal vocals, leaving an indelible mark on the listener's soul. The title track, "Nebula," effortlessly blends the worlds of Techno and Progressive, enchanting with its beautiful plucks and melodies. To conclude this EP, "Avalanche" emerges, a commanding force propelled by colossal organic synths and rolling basslines, which conjure obscure soundscapes and a hypnotic flow. Cherry, with the "Nebula" EP, reasserts his stature as one of the melodic world's preeminent talents. He stands ready for the grand stages, returning to Timeless Moment to deliver a piece of art that transcends time itself!

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Release Date: 08-09-2023

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