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Bruno Oloviani [Interview]

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While one may not instantly assume the Washington, D.C., area a breeding ground for talented DJs and renowned clubs, Bruno Oloviani has made the area his stomping ground with both his DJ performances and music productions. Like many other electronic dance music artists from the D.C. area Deep Dish, John Selway, BT, Charles Feelgood . Oloviani first became infatuated by the many early rave events occurring on the East Coast. Yet, even before these experiences he had been already spinning records since being a freshman at University of Maryland in 2000. He had moved on to techno and house, After attending his first rave at Club nation, where Scott Henry threw his legendary parties every Friday night called Buzz. This gigantic event draws clientele from up and down the East Coast with some of the best DJ-lineups imaginable. Of course, all the while Bruno has been improving his DJing skills, often known to drift from progressive house & Trance to beautiful Euphoric Uplifting Trance . Bruno has collaborated with legendary artists like Myon, Noel Sanger, Daniel Kandi , Eugenio Tokarev & Arctic Moon. He is known for his stunning euphoric and hypnotic sets that leave a blissful impression. He has tracks signed to Black Hole, High Voltage, Future Sound of Egypt, Nocturnal Knights, Monster Tunes, Elliptical Sun, Find your Harmony & A State of Trance ( Armada). With all these Achievements, Bruno will tell you he’s just a normal guy from Washington DC. This week sees Bruno returning to Rebel House for a new single 'Cubik', a follow up to the 2019 release of 'See Your Mind', we had chance to catch up with Bruno for an interview leading up to the release and we hope you enjoy it.

Hello Bruno, thanks for joining us. How’s your year been? And what are your plans for the coming week?

Thanks for having me ! My week has been great, just finished 2 music productions, which I’m super excited about . My plans for the coming week would be to start on some new music productions & finish watching some TV series shows I’ve been meaning finish.

Take us through a day in your life, from a possible morning routine through to your production work and more, please.

My daily routine would be to wake up around 10am & go for a jog around my neighborhood to start my day . Then it’s off to my full Time job in healthcare, as I work in the OR as a Operating Room Technician at the local hospital. After a long day at the hospital, I like to unwind by lifting weights & working on music .

How did growing up in the USA influence your music taste and direction? Or did it at all?

Definitely I think it did. I was born & raised in Washington DC. I was fortunate because every Friday night we had a electronic music venue called Buzz at a club called nation. The promoter & resident DJ Scott Henry had parties with some of the best DJs from all over the world. I remember seeing DJs like Tiesto to chemical Brothers.

What are your favourite venues to play or attend events at in the US and why?

My favorite venues to attend would be Ultra Music Festival in Miami & I love playing at the Miami Music Week there too!

You have a new Single ‘Cubik’ out now on Rebel House Records, tell us about the release and how it showcases your current sound.

I was fortunate because I had artists like Noel Sanger, Arctic Moon, Eugenio Tokarev, Daniel Kandi who have help me become a complete producer. My suggestion is to do collaborations, because you can learn so much from seasoned artists, when it comes to producing.

Looking closer at ‘Cubik’, walk us through the production process on the track and if applicable was there anything in particular which inspired this production?

Cubik is a dark proggy melodic track that has everything you need. I was inspired to do Cubik, because I wanted to go back to my roots where it all started for me that Global Underground Sound. Cubik is a dark melodic moody banger that builds into something special.

Rebel House has been a label you’ve worked with in the past, what makes the label a good home for your music?

First of all , big thanks to Keith Berry, Danko Skystone & Tony Puccio the guys behind Rebel House Records. Keith early on has always supported me & believed in my work. He has been a great friend & mentor, it’s only logical I continue to make Rebel House Records a home for my productions.

Do you have certain rituals to get you into the right mindset for creating? What role do certain foods or stimulants like coffee, lighting, scents or exercise play in the process?

I always have an impulse to create something new, because electronic music is always evolving , especially the progressive House & trance genres! I guess my only vice is coffee, but I also like to burn Incense sticks, good cup of tea & listening to current tracks from other producers.

Especially in the digital age, the writing and production process tends towards the infinite, I think. What marks the end of the process for you? How do you know when a track is done?

Well , I know when a track is done when I test them out in the clubs or festivals. If I don’t get the reaction I’m looking for, I’ll ask other artists for feedback & tweak them in the studio.

Once a piece is finished, how important is it for you to let it lie and evaluate it later on? How much improvement and refinement do you personally allow until you’re satisfied with a piece? What does this process look like in practice?

Once it’s finished, I’ll listen to it 2 days later. If I still feel it’s complete , then it’s complete! Sometimes less is more.

Let’s talk about DJing, it’s a unique discipline at the border between presenting great music and creating something new with it, between composition and improvisation to an extent. How would you describe your approach to it?

I think as a DJ it’s important to have discipline, you have to know what’s appropriate to play based on location & set times. Most people go to a show because of the headliner, but the support/warmup DJ is important because they have to set the vibe early. I always say as a DJ you don’t give the crowd what they want, you give them what they Need! As DJs we have a responsibility to educate along with entertaining.

What were your main creative challenges when starting out as a DJ and how have they changed over time?

My main challenges as a DJ I had was trying to be unique to myself . Growing up I’ve had so many music influences over the years , but the key is to take all these influences & mold them together into some new that compliments your style.

How would you describe the relationship between your choices and vision as a DJ and the expectations, desires and feedback of your crowd? Is there a sense of collaboration between you and the club-goers?

I always love to start my sets very melodic & lush that make you feel euphoric! The crowd is your best “ piece of equipment “ because they’ll tell you want they need to hear. Mixing tracks together is the easy part, but having the crowd follow you on a musical journey, there’s NO better feeling!

Can you tell me a bit about how your work as a DJ has influenced your view of music, your way of listening to tracks and perhaps also, your work as a producer?

Music is a global language, when I play, it’s music that I enjoy listening too at that as moment. When people hear me play or listen to my productions, they are really listening to me speak through music.

If you could set up an event with a line-up of five artists of your choice, who would you book and what set times would you ascribe to the artists?

Hmmm only five ? That’s a tough one , but I’d have to say : 9pm -10pm Nick Warren, 11pm -12pm Hernan Cattaneo , 1am -2am John Digweed, 2am -3am Sasha, 4am -5am Guy J

Looking back over your discography, what release or track holds the best memories for you and is there a correlation between that track and how successful you are today?

The one releases which has a special place in my heart is my track “Santa Monica” which was my first Trance production signed by Paul Oakenfold on his legendary perfecto records.

What’s a book you’ve read or film you watched that has left an impact on you, and why?

I’m currently reading the Autobiography of Paul Oakenfold “ Ready Steady Go!” , To say Oakenfold has made an impact on my career is an understatement.

What does 2023 hold for you? Anything you can share with us?

Sure, I have some big releases on coming out on Enhanced Progressive & Armada music. Andrew Rayel’s label find your harmony.

'Cubik' is available now via Rebel House: https://bit.ly/3WmpdVt

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