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Abity – Memories [Dopamine White]

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Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes Abity to the label for their debut EP entitled Memories'. Hailing from Argentina, Jóse Duque and Bruno Signorelli make up the Abity production team. The Rosario natives have been collaborating and creating their brand of progressive music for over a decade. Laying claim to a discography of close to 150 credits, the Nick Warren favourites have showcased their music via Antrim's Or Two Strangers, 3rd Avenue, Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain. Now in a year which has seen just one new project, Abity debuts on Dopamine White with a three-track artist showcase.

Abity's penchant for progressive minded music continues to evolve with the lead track 'Memories'. Backed by punchy beats and a warm, rolling groove comes pulsating rhythms and finely tuned percussion. Its powerful drive is blanketed with soulful vocal pads and clusters of timely effects. Quirky arps and harmonic overlays add depth and colour across the first act, resulting in an otherworldly feel. The second of two breaks proves impactful, gracefully melting down to impassioned vocal phrasing and hopeful atmospherics, before a rush of beats ushers in a driving finale.

The journey continues with the deep, chugging vibes of 'Deceptive River'. Immediately captivating, it's timeless chord stabs and subterranean groove make for a stellar beginning. Firing percussion and effervescent effects play off the muscular low end, making for an irresistible vibe leading into the break. Short but impactful, the interlude builds tension through rising modulation, before smoothly transitioning into a finale of esoteric chord changes and glowing overlays.

The release concludes in fine fashion with the nostalgic qualities of 'Injection'. Beginning with perfectly sculpted beats and a wide array of electronic meanderings, it's a compelling creation from the start. Warm atmospheres and bubbly arps gently encase the framework, as charged rhythms drive momentum forward. Airy atmospherics trail across the backdrop, building emotion with each successive loop, before a timely break resets the groove for a stirring finale. It rounds out what is an inspired collection of music from Abity, who continue to be one of Argentina's most beloved progressive house acts.

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Release Date: 23-08-2021

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