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Sinan Arsan – Eloquence [Dopamine White]

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Presenting their final release of 2021, Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes Sinan Arsan to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Turkey, Sinan first emerged as a producer in 2019 with a release on Stellar Fountain's Black division, before going on to land projects via Droid9 South America, Future Avenue and Soundteller Records across 2020. 2021 proved to be a breakout year for the Ankara resident, his trippy progressive sound earned recognition from some of the genre's premiere tastemakers, while earning a place on longstanding imprints such as Droid9 and Mango Alley. Now ending the year in style, Sinan adds Dopamine White to his resume with a three-track showcase entitled 'Eloquence'.

Sinan's career momentum continues to rise with the dark yet emotive sounds of the title selection. Played out over nine minutes, its character-rich groove and hypnotic rhythms set the foundation for an evolving musical narrative. Pixie-like fragments come in waves across the first act, playing off layers of driving percussion, while timely drops and sweeping effects carry into the main break. Stripping down to a cavernous ambience, the interlude builds anticipation as colourful arps and glowing atmospheres unite for a classy crescendo and heartfelt finale.

The EP moves forward with the deep, chugging vibes of 'Lagniappe'. Undeniably progressive, its robust bassline, squelchy stabs and gaseous effects make for anticipatory beginnings. Rolling percussion adds swing to the framework, while clustered melodies play off the well carved low end, as a smooth atmospheric rise initiates the break. Furthering its mystical leanings, the main motifs trail across the centrepiece, creating a trippy yet rhythmic sonic landscape, perfectly setting the stage for a smooth build and heads down final act.

The third and final selection 'Demure' continues the EP's mesmerizing melodic storyboarding. Deep and fluid throughout, Sinan's organic designs are mysterious yet emotive, tactfully merging for a momentous mindset-style groover. Looking to bring greater emotional depth, the main break adds colour through arpeggiated phrasing, gently building anticipation onwards to a goosebump worthy finale. It rounds out a stunning collection of music from Sinan Arsan who closes out 2021 with his best EP of the year, making for a memorable Dopamine White debut. Don't miss it

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Release Date: 29-12-2021

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