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Serge Landar – Twilight [Balkan Connection]

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Balkan Connection opens up 2018 with a top EP from Serge Landar. The Ukrainian artist has previously appeared on the imprint’s affiliate BC2 along with Aethereal and PHW Elements. Now stepping for his first appearance on Balkan Connection, Serge presents a new two track EP alongside remixes from Rick Pier O’Neil and Cream & Deep Fog.

‘Twilight’ kicks the EP off with a distinctly progressive and atmospheric vibe. There is quite a large presence felt in this one with expansive synths continually evolving as techy percussion rolls and astral effects fill in the framework. Not a track that goes for the melodic gusto but one that relies on it’s mystical vibe to carry it on a concise yet gorgeous six minute journey. The companion piece ‘Unexplored’ slows the tempo down a touch for a deeper yet equally groovy, percussive affair. Once again atmospherics play a substantial role in feel and overall vibe making for another worthy trip to the cosmos.

The two interpretations of ‘Twilight’ add nicely to the package with Rick Pier O’Neil leading the way. Relatively quiet of late Rick reappears with a sturdy, dance floor friendly version. Growling synths, rolling rhythms and a tight percussive core are trademarks of Rick’s sound and meld effortlessly with the atmospheric vibe of the original.

The release concludes with Cream & Deep Fog returning to the label following a strong 2017. The Polish duo continued to dominate the pure progressive landscape with key releases on Particles and Electronic Tree. Here they kick off 2018 with a smooth yet powerful rendition of ‘Twilight’. A touch sleeker than Rick’s version, Cream & Deep Fog make it all about meditative flow which a spiritual sounding break adds perfectly to. An excellent remix from the Polish duo, rounding out what is a strong release to begin 2018 for Balkan Connection.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2CozQzJ
Release Date: 01-01-2017

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