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Sam Scheme – Bats [Balkan Connection]

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Balkan Connection continues its strong run of progressive minded releases with a new EP from Sam Scheme. No stranger to the label, the Russian artist is making his eighth appearance, most recently remixing ‘Daydream’ by Nikko Mavridis. Now returning for a brand new EP, Sam presents two originals alongside remixes from Dyo Atoma and Dofamine.

The title track ‘Bats’ leads the release off with a deeper, progressive minded sensibility. Smooth and driving, it’s rolling rhythmic core and subtle atmospheric shifts carry a funky first act. The main break although short serves as an energy bridge into a fuller, driving finale. The companion piece ‘Toska’ picks up the pace a bit, offering a more atmospheric feel with ghostly overlays and spiralling hypnotics. The effects storyboard is quite subtle but powerful, ultimately peaking your interest with trippy moments and superb transitional sections, which in turn make the groove feel all the more commanding. Definitely a late night vibe here and perfect for headphone listening as well.

The lead tracks ‘Bats’ also comes with two interpretations with the first being from Dyo Atoma. Made up of Sam and Jiminy Hop the Russian pair seem to have a great studio synergy which is proven once again here. Their take on ‘Bats’ comes from a more pure progressive minded place with playful melodies and smooth chord changes fuelling the emotive core of the piece. It’s fuller low end and higher tempo brings it closer to peak time making for a great complement to the deeper, chunky original.

Meanwhile Dofamine reshapes the track into a more modern sounding composition with a punchier low end and quirkier lead elements. An expansive break does a lot to enhance the narrative, twisting elements from the original into a warm, cinematic interlude. The tape effect is a nice touch, adding character and sonic artefacts for a much more interesting listen. Great remix from Dofamine which caps off a superb all Russian release from Balkan Connection.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2o5WwPh

Release Date: 19-02-2017

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