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Mike Griego – Ceres [Flow Vinyl]

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Pena’s Flow Vinyl kicks 2018 off in fine style with a brand new EP from Mike Griego. It’s been over a year since we’ve heard new music from the Argentinean artist, who remains one of his country's top talents. October of 2016 saw the release of his ‘What Lies Beyond’ EP courtesy of Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank Records. Having appeared on Flow once previously with the highly memorable 'Mocca Sunset' (in collaboration with Stas Drive), Mike now returns with the ‘Ceres’ EP.

Starting off on a deeper note is the title track ‘Ceres’ which sets a high dance floor sensibility early. On a backbone of contoured bass stabs comes fresh percussive elements and a gentle complement of airy effects. The introduction of a vocal narrative has a dynamic effect on the storyboard, full of character and soul, sparsely placed for maximum stimulation, ultimately setting up a break of wistful musicality. Surely one of Mike’s most diverse and mature productions to date.

Continuing with ‘Leprechaun’ Mike toughens up the low end for a chunky, techno inspired affair. Raspy stabs and clattering percussion add additional swing to the groove before eventually melting down into a twisted second act. Rising through the electricity is a paranoid lead theme, flowing through intense modulation and carrying a heady resonance, before the meaty groove drops for what should be a big dance floor moment.

The release concludes with ‘Memory Burn’ which carries the dark, groovy ethos of the EP perfectly. Rippling bass stabs converge for a deadly low end while a subtle synth storyboard ebbs and flows around the firing percussion. The main break does shift the focus to a mildly ethereal theme but the devilish low ends quickly rises for a tension filled moment, perfectly setting up a more melodic third act.

It’s clear the time away has done wonders for Mike as all three of these productions sound ultra fresh. Stylistically not really fitting into any genre or trend of the moment, they stand alone and will certainly fair incredibly well on a broad range of dance floors. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2GjTGgz

Release Date: 19-02-2017

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