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Ricardo Piedra – Neukliana/Azure [Stellar Fountain]

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Ricardo Piedra - Neukliana/Azure [Stellar Fountain]

Stellar Fountain returns this week with a brand new double a-side release from Ricardo Piedra. Based in Helsinki, Finland but hailing from Budapest Hungary, Ricardo is fresh off a remix for subdivision Astrowave and releases on Bonzai Records. Now making his much anticipated Stellar Fountain debut Ricardo presents his two latest studio creations 'Neukliana' and 'Azure' alongside remixes from Kay-D and Billy Alex.

Beginning with 'Neukliana' you immediately get a feel for Ricardo's spacey progressive sound. It fits the Stellar Fountain ethos perfectly I think with dreamy atmospheres and lush soundscapes evolving as the track progresses. A jangly arp adds nicely to its sleek flow, ultimately carrying into an epic break. Highly emotional, the centrepiece definitely pulls at your heartstrings before just the kicks drops for that moment of tasteful restraint. The companion piece 'Azure' comes in a touch deeper and more musical. Quite reflective in tone and again highly emotional, making it an ideal closing piece. The beginning of the third act is perhaps the magic moment as the atmospheres wash away and you're left with just the wobbly groove and a great sense of space. Quite lovely.

The two remixes of 'Neukliana' take the track in very interesting directions with Kay-D bringing more of his progressive brilliance. As one of the veterans in the old school scene the Hungarian artist can certainly craft an amazing melody but this remix is quite a bit more club friendly than what he usually does I would say. The groove mechanics are very powerful, with a wicked roll and great dynamics but once the breakdown hits you get that familiar Kay-D magic with sweeping lines and heartfelt moments. The underbelly does add some palpable tension making the drop all the more impactful. A lovely remix from Kay-D

The release concludes with Billy Alex returning for his fourth appearance on the label. The Greek artist and one half of Esensides is fresh off an EP for Baroque Records and brings his groovy, progressive style to 'Neukliana' in a major way here. His sleek, refined take is a great complement to Kay-D's bigger, burly version and would not sound out of place in a Hernan Cattaneo set. From a smooth, spacious groove to an ethereal take on the melodic elements, Billy has crafted a suitably refined version for the more contemporary progressive DJ. Add to that the melodic content still shines quite brightly, albeit in a more indistinct and otherworldly manner. A great remix and another well rounded release for Stellar Fountain once again. Don't miss it.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2udzEPn
Release Date: 03-07-2017

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