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MULYA – Frisco [microCastle]

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microcastle's second offering of 2020 welcomes MULYA to the label for his debut EP. The Hungarian artist first came to our attention in 2017 with an EP for MoBlack Records. Stylistically fresh and well received by his contemporaries and tastemakers alike, it set the course for what has been a three-year creative swell. With a keen emphasis on rhythm and harmony, the Budapest resident crafts memorable electronic music which sits comfortably in a wide range of inventive spaces, while being favoured by trendsetters such as Ame, Bog, Denis Horvat, Dixon, Fideles, Frankey & Sandrino, Glowal, Innellea, Lehar and Trikk. MULYA remains highly selective with his output, choosing his projects wisely and laying claim to an impressive discography, highlighted by releases on Atlant, Multinotes and Sum Over Histories. Now following an EP for Adana Twins’ TAU imprint to begin the year, MULYA debuts on microcastle with 'Chrome Extra'.

Spread across five tracks, MULYA’s microcastle debut is an eclectic blend of electronica, disco, indie-dance and melodic house. Emotionally charged throughout, the journey begins with the broken beats and electric grooves of ‘Out of Sync’. It’s pensive overlays and warped arps make for a compelling first act, before a cinematic break shifts the narrative into a tense yet spirited finale of pulsating rhythms and tantalizing acid hooks. The energy continues to rise with the disco-infused grooves of ‘Frisco’. Possessing a dramatic undercurrent, punchy kicks and detailed percussion create waves of energy at the outset. Fiery lines add mightily to it’s hypnotic drive, eventually melting down into a canopy of charming overlays. As the breakdown reaches a euphoric peak a flurry of drums transfers energy into an exhilarating drop and thrilling final movement.

The spellbinding ‘Espinosa’ further cements MULYA’s elusive vision, as a tight rhythmic core gets complemented with supersonic synths and shuddering bass tones. Compelling and tense, the centrepiece is a sensory delight, with its explorative modulation and piercing build ending in a striking re-entry. Shifting moods further into the indie-dance spectrum is the collection’s title selection ‘Chrome Extra’. A backbone of robust beats sits at the foundation, underpinning a fascinating meld of retro synths and disorientating projections. Hopeful pads beam brightly across the second movement, bringing a spiritual sense to the storyboard, while perfectly prophesizing a poignant finale that’s destined for many memorable club moments.

Diversifying his portfolio further, it is MULYA’s masterstroke to round the collection out with the electronic experimentalism of ‘Fontane’. Highlighting the seven-minute excursion is an amalgamation of broken beats, vivid soundscapes and sensory saturating artifacts. The best musical mavericks never seem to rest on their laurels or lie stagnant for too long. While continuing to operate at a creative peak they mutate and morph, refusing to be boxed in and thus expanding their sonic palette. MULYA has accomplished that and more with ‘Chrome Extra’, carrying a unique sonic aesthetic throughout, while achieving a rare balance between such sprawling genres.

Buy: bit.ly/2ACr5Wr
Release Date: 26-06-2020




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