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Guy Gerber – Rainchecks In Montreal (Roy Rosenfeld Remix) [Rumors]

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Guy Gerber's label Rumors brings a times classic remixed by Roy Rosenfeld. The original version of "Rainchecks In Montreal" is an emotional piece transcending genres and drawing a deep connection between contemporary electronica and music that deserves a spot on every pianist's playlist.

The secret of a masterful remix lies in the utmost respect of the original work combined with personal perspective and a set of skills. Roy's take on "Rainchecks In Montreal" perfectly fits the bill by adding imaginative melodic variations, percussive elements, and an energetic groove turning it into a powerful dance floor tool.

The story about the inspiration behind the remix sounds best in Roy's words:
"Some music pieces make us feel alive, hopeful, and overwhelmed with emotions. That's what I experienced when I first listened to the original "Rainchecks In Montreal" by Guy Gerber. A couple of years later, it randomly popped up on my Spotify, and I kept playing it repeatedly while on a flight. Then I felt the urge to put my take on it. A few moments later, I opened my laptop, edited the original track, and added some harmonies, a melody, and grooves. I showed what I did to Guy, and he liked it. He gave me some good notes to think of to make it even better, which I followed. The result is probably my favourite track to play at the moment, and the reactions it gets from the different crowds are just insane! So much love and happiness."

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Release Date: 15-09-2023

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