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Giorgia Angiuli & Teenage Mutants – What We Think [Tragedie]

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In a rush of optimism, it's time to welcome Tragedie, the brand new label from the German duo Teenage Mutants. A perfect place to stay independent and demonstrate their true passion like never before.

Definitely a new home for finest underground dance music specialising in dark but decidedly groovy and why not, sometimes flirting with melodic techno. A real passion putting together their most personal identity after several years of a highly respected music career around the globe.

Teenage Mutants are setting up the imprint now in 2020, a really difficult year for everyone. But music and good ideas must not decay. Never surrender. For the 1st release of Tragedie, the duo teams up with the Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist –classical trained musician- Giorgia Angiuli. Undoubtedly, one of the most kawaii and colourful ladies of the electronic music scene right now.

“What We Think” is a release where synaesthesia of deep-darkness and colourful with new and old memories stands at the core of the track. Introspective, heavy but dynamic and channelling an overflow of emotions. Angiuli’s voice creates a hypnotizing dimension intensified by the flow of steady techno. In other words: a multi-sensorial and overwhelming tune for our ears and a dance floor with a sweeping audience.

What a take off!

Buy: bit.ly/2TgXbNg
Release Date: 30-10-2020



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