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Feature: Betoko [Interview + Premiere]

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Hey Beto, great to chat with you :)

Do you feel Mexican still, or more a Londoner? Which place has more influence on your sound?
A bit of both really, London is such an amazing city and has given me so much over the years and I have learned so much by working in amazing studios and with incredible artists and producers. The clubbing scene and the weather although some people might not like it, I love a grey rainy day, it's perfect to get locked in the studio, it sets the right mood for me. Mexico will always be home as well. I grew up there and have some amazing memories, family and friends. I'm lucky I get to go on tour a few times a year so I can get my taco fix every time. I have an obsession with Tacos, in fact my mother calls me "Betako", kind of says it all really.

Tell us about your new ‘Somniak’ EP on Dear Deer Records - what inspired or influenced it?
We wanted to do something melodic but not so trippy, more clubby and maybe a little bit trancey. We turned on some synths and jammed away and this was the result.

How did you first link with Balcazar? Why does it work? Are you similar or different, musically?
Marco and I have been great friends for a very long time and I've always loved his stuff. I've always followed what he was producing and I think we have a similar way of thinking. We have played b2b a few times and the synergy has always been there. The attention to detail in his productions is just beautiful, it was only a matter of time till we met in a studio environment.

And who does what? Did one do synths, one drums, or anything like that?
Actually this time around we were both sitting in the same room at the same time all through the production. We started the track in London whilst he was on tour in Europe and we finished it in his studio in Guadalajara a few weeks later while I was on tour in Mexico. Nowadays it's hard to actually be in the same room producing because of our mad touring schedules so in this case it was really cool to be able to do it this way.

Do you sound different solo vs working with someone else? Do you work differently? Why do you like collaborating?
I think collaborating can sometimes take you a little bit away from your regular sound, we all have our favourite synths and software so this way you may use the other persons favourites and you might discover something new that is interesting and unusual. The work flow might also be different so it's interesting to see and learn, get out of the box for a minute or two.

Who is going to win the world cup? Has it been a good one do you think? Are you a big footie fan?
I'm not a big footie fan but I do love the world cup and everything around it. I support 3 teams, Mexico, England and Germany because my wife is German, so the first game (Mexico V Germany) was really good fun to watch, although I’m gutted that Germany lost but hey, someone had to win right?

What else have you got coming up?
I have a few other collaborations and solo EPs coming up on Einmusika, Eleatics, OKO and Tube and Berger's new Label ZHEN , and of course a very busy touring schedule so I'm really excited and looking forward to all of this!

Betoko & Balcazar’s ‘Somniak’ Ep is out on 16th July on Dear Deer Records Pre-Order it herehttps://www.beatport.com/release/somniak/2328289

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