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Fabian Krooss – Time To Act [Stil Vor Talent]

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After setting the tone with two originals and one remix with us back in 2020, Berlin-based producer Fabian Krooss returns this year with his debut solo sortie, 'Planet D'. A nod to the ecological nonsense that envisages salute in departing our beloved 'Planet A' for other celestial bodies to tear down - such as a fictional 'Planet D', the EP runs the gamut from minimalistic club grooves to blissed-out tropical chuggers, via further atmospheric excursions.

Whilst 'Time To Act' serves up a dynamic symphony of FX-laden elements joining forces to fight off anxiety for our future, Theo Meier’s revamp takes the track into further functional club territory with clinical poise. The even lusher 'Night Owl' reels out as an ode to nature and its healing powers, bringing forth a vibrant mix of bassy power and refined, balearic-informed ambient scapes, whereas Midas 104’s version injects just the right amount of bounce and jazz into its hypnotic folds.
'Watatata', a collaboration with Jacob Stille, smoothly takes you on the other side with an innovative and playful touch and 'Twisted Mind' simply rounds it all up with an intergalactic bang.

Channeling earthly energies with a strongly poetic power of evocation, 'Planet D' is an invitation to refocus, carried by the hope of fuelling a new, sustainable vision for tomorrow.

Buy: bit.ly/2Qle0Zi
Release Date: 23-04-2021



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