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Eze Colombo & Daniel Gomez – Keep Your Eyes on the Sky [Balkan Connection]

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Balkan Connection's latest welcomes Eze Colombo & Daniel Gomez to the label for their debut single. Hailing from Argentina and Mexico respectively, Eze and Daniel have been occasional studio partners since the release of 'Internal Flight' in April of last year via Modern Architect. Subsequent releases for Just Movement and PHW Elements solidified what has become a strong partnership. Now landing on Balkan Connection for their first appearance, Eze Colombo & Daniel Gomez present 'Keep Your Eyes on the Sky' alongside remixes from Giovanny Aparicio, Gux Jimenez and Alan Cerra.

The original mix kicks the release off with both groovy and melodic qualities. It’s rolling cadence is nicely accentuated with exotic drums and fuzzy tonal textures. Timely effects and a catchy arp further the storyboard, leading to a break highlighted by piano motifs and esoteric moods, perfectly setting up a rousing finale.

The three remixes all add nicely to the original with Giovanny Aparicio being first up. The Colombian artist goes deeper and more organic for a lovely complement to the original. It starts with a wonderful low end; rich, buoyant and full of robust character, laying a perfect foundation for exotic drums and dusty rhythms to work their magic. Esoteric chord changes and icy pads add a unique emotional twist to the narrative, building tension leading into the break, before a pair of interwoven arps sparks a driving final movement.

Fresh off releases for Droid9 and Soundteller Records, Gux Jimenez returns to the label with a melodic interpretation. Smooth and groovy from the outset, the Colombian artist goes bigger and bolder with a more dramatic sounding approach. Gux reprocesses the main elements into something much more heady and tense, while never losing sight of the dance floor and adding a lovely musical touch across the final act. Brilliant stuff and a nice addition to the previous two versions.

Rounding out the release is Alan Cerra who makes his label debut. The Argentinean artist has had an impressive first year with releases on Beatfreak Limited, Massive Harmony Records, Soundteller Records, Strangers Beats and UV. Now continuing that momentum he provides a strong rendition of 'Keep Your Eyes on the Sky'. Taking a slightly more dubby and retro approach has worked wonders here, with a focus on rhythm and groove across the first act, while adding an astral sounding theme during the main break, ultimately highlighting the piece. Superb work from the Mexican artist which caps off a very well rounded release for Balkan Connection. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 12-10-2020

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