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Corren Cavini – Daydream [Purified]

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Making his highly-anticipated return to Purified Records, Dutch producer Corren Cavini delivers one of the most sought-after releases of the year with his two-track ‘Daydream’ EP. Entering an uplifting dimension, the title track whisks listeners into a state of bliss with delicate synth melodies in a feel-good soundscape. Moving into ‘Remember’, Corren devises a poignant atmosphere with layered instrumentation and rolling bass, evoking a sense of nostalgia within moments of play.

The ‘Daydream’ artwork displays an underwater shot of coral reef. Coral reefs, often called the "rainforests of the sea," play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems by providing habitat and shelter for a diverse range of marine species. They act as natural barriers that protect coastal areas from the impact of waves and storms, thereby helping to prevent coastal erosion and loss of land. Additionally, coral reefs contribute to carbon sequestration, capturing significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is vital for climate regulation. Organizations like The Great Barrier Reef Foundation help to protect the most precious marine ecosystems.

Located on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, Daniel Nicholson is one of the globe’s most prominent professional underwater photographers. He seeks to share the beauty and magic of the underwater world to inspire conservation and change.

Looking to help further protect the ocean? Explore Only One, the action platform for the planet, on a mission to restore ocean health and tackle the climate crisis — with the power of the people.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation IG: www.instagram.com/greatbarrierreeffoundation

Buy: www.beatport.com/release/daydream/4567190
Release Date: 07-06-2024

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