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Chris Cargo – Dusk [Stellar Fountain]

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Chris Cargo - Dusk [Stellar Fountain]

Stellar Fountain returns this week with one of their most anticipated releases of the year from Chris Cargo. For those unfamiliar with the Irish artist he was an integral part of the progressive house movement that happened in the late nineties. Perhaps best known for his productions on Mara’s Choo Choo label, Chris also appeared on Renaissance, Automatic Records and our own Release Records imprint with a remix of Nugen ‘Emotion’. Following an eight year hiatus Chris reappeared in April of this year with a new EP on Deersky's Soundteller Records. It was a delight for both old and new school fans of the genre. Now with an additional release on Lowbit Records in the books it looks like Chris is firmly back in the spotlight with this brand new single on Stellar Fountain. 

With its dreamy, atmospheric qualities 'Dusk' certainly fits the Stellar Fountain ethos to a T. It's warm, fluid groove is immaculately carved while tantalizing melodies work some sensory magic over the top. There's an interesting contrast in moods here with the low end having a slightly ominous growl at times while the luminous, textural drifts bring a sense of serenity. It's the effortless flow of the production which is ultimately most appealing though, nothing forced or contrived just liquid like storyboarding that's a joy to listen to. A flawless creative lesson from one of the genres original innovators.

The lone interpretation of 'Dusk' comes from Stellar Fountain resident Matter who is making his eighth appearance on the label. It seems fitting that the Aussie artist be the lone remixer here, who ultimately kick started his career on the label and now reworks one of the genre's legendary artists. Stylistically it's a great fit as well with Matter's deep, driving, meditative take on progressive house working wonderfully on 'Dusk'. I have to say he's crafted something quite special here which complements the original really well. It's darker, edgy approach brings a wealth of electrifying moments as effects fire and waves of percussion brighten the murky, atmospheric haze. Haunting and beautiful in equal measure, the vocal elements are striking, coming at timely moments to deliver just the right emotional response. Brilliant remix from Matter and a mighty fine release for Stellar Fountain, one of their best this year in fact. Highly recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2tUMEtE
Release Date: 17-07-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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