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Axel Haube – Kinetische Impulse Feat. ELV/RA [Radikon]

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As the summer season slowly closes it's curtains it's once more the Radikon Various Artist time of the year. We thoughtfully picked a thrifty but meteoric mix of talents on their individual height of their creative lifespans. So far. Indian groove wizard 'Ankytrixx' casts the mighty opening spell for 'Sesa' with 'Baby2000'. This magical high voltage ride never lets go of its initial tension built on a fundament of punchy kicks, deep pads and dancing hi-hats, while the hypnotic lead pattern evolves into a noisy ascension of its former self. This compilations also sets the stage for the long awaited Radikon debut of 'Hools', who brings a whole 'Coalition of Darkness' with him. Epic choirs are winging its ways over a fluttering 16th bass grid, while the listener floats in a crossfire of soaring synth shots. NDW-esque spoken words pave the path through 'Kinetische Impulse' by Belgian producer 'Axel Haube', backed by 'ELV/RA' on vocal duty. An allover trippy experience handmade for strobe light thunderstorms in the festival woods. 'Timelapse' and 'Attma' finally escort us out of this world with their paramount masterpiece 'Interstellar'. Alien robotic voices lead us through the rough darkness of space, guided by harsh pointy drums and loose melody curves which leave the track in a constant swing state between both cold and warm spheres.

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Release Date: 22-09-2023

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