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Sames – Emanation [Light My Fire]

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Easily one of the most exciting young talents to surface from the Berlin underground as of late, Sames has been making waves in and around the big city with some tasteful deliveries, including his hot-off-the-press 'Paramount' EP for Wanderlust Records. Bringing in his streamlined yet highly sensual touch to the LMFM roster, here comes his newest single, 'Emanation'.

All made "in the box" and clearly designed with the dance floor in mind from the outset, this debut offering serves up a pair of tunes clearly aimed at having bodies jacking against a late night, heavy-lidded type of clubbing scenario. Having elevated this "deep yet powerful" strain of techno he cherishes, Sames' impressively mature skillset shines through in the opening track 'Caterpillar', which finds him scanning out the twilight zone between Afro-influenced polyrhythms, sleek-membraned sound design and the kind of proper warehouse-busting horsepower that'll make a carnage in the high season.

A menacing spine-tingler, 'Emanation' is all about these deadly bass undulations and sizzling machine funk from the depths. Result of a fruitful session spent "jamming around with different baselines, and then fine-tuning it with different saturation until it sounded just about the right amount of gritty", 'Emanation' engineers a malleable mix of raucous bass seesaw, dubbed-out bleeps and shady synth modularity, tailored to take on the dance floors it encounters with overpowering jazz and unfaltering stamina.

Buy: va.lnk.to/Emanation_Sames_LightMyFire
Release Date: 26-05-2023



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