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PINO & Jhonny LP – It Was Ravel [Onestar Records]

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Onestar Records continues a strong run of releases with a fresh collaboration from PINO and Jhonny LP. Making his production debut is Colombian artist Martin Pineda Velez aka PINO. With a long history as a DJ and a passion for progressive sounds, Martin has become a known figure in his country's electronic scene. Here he teams up with one of the Onestar label bosses and premiere production talent Jhonny LP. Together the duo have crafted their much anticipated 'It Was Ravel' single which is accompanied by a remix from Ivan Martinez.

As Colombia continues to thrive in the progressive house underground, Onestar is a label not only growing with the movement but also an integral part of it's evolution. Here we have the meeting of two creative minds with PINO and Jhonny LP crafting a a euphoric peak time track that's sure to delight fans of the genre. Beginning on a back bone of tough beats and rolling basstones, it’s clear the aim is straight at the dance floor. Waves of percussion and clustered melodies add a dynamic flair, before a tightly wound arp and impassioned overlays shift the narrative further into emotive territory. Effortlessly breaking down into a second act, electric synth motifs emerge, elevating the mood while fuelling the rhythmic core, before a rush of drums and waves of noise summon the groove for a magic moment. A peak time killer from PINO and Jhonny LP.

The lone interpretation of ‘It Was Ravel’ is provided by Ivan Martinez who is making his first appearance on the label. The Mexican artist is not only making his Onestar debut but this is in fact his first officially released production as well. Staying true to the main themes from the Original, Ivan crafts a sleeker framework for those gorgeous lines to operate within. It's momentum and drive are undeniable, seemingly gaining fervour with each successive loop and ultimately leading to a short but impactful break, which ultimately is the major difference in storyboarding. Whereas the original builds emotion and tension through a traditional break, Ivan drops the framework out completely for a moment of tranquillity, before a stripped drop keeps things on the right side of cool. A great remix from Ivan which rounds out another impressive release from Onestar, where PINO makes his artist debut in style. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2v3PKwN

Release Date: 22-04-2019

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