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Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Helios [Astral Records]

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Astral Records opens the summer season by welcoming Paul Angelo and Don Argento back to the label for a new EP. With a career that spans the better part of a decade, Cyprus based duo Paul and Don have achieved measurable success, taking their melodic sound to influential imprints such as Awen Records, Clubsonica, Movement Recordings, Sound Avenue, Timeless Moment and more. Astral Records has also served as landing spot for the talented act, with the duo's 'Icarus' EP marking their label debut in 2021, a well-received release which would lead to a 2022 appearance as part of the Celestial, Pt. 2 collection. Now, following a single for Paul Thomas' UV Noir to begin the year, Paul and Don return to Astral Records with the much-anticipated 'Helios'.

Beginning with 'Helios' Paul and Don masterfully synthesize their talents into one singular cosmic vision. Punchy beats and a tight, rolling groove set the foundation for a narrative of astral arps, prophetic effects and smooth percussive rides. Pushing a melodic mood into the break, the duo marries cinematic ambience with balmy synth phrasing; building drama with each successive pass, as modulation peaks and a thumping drop and groovy finale ensues.

The companion piece 'Trollformler' continues the prophetic lean of the release and lands with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship. Smooth and refined throughout, it's a foundation of warm pulsating beats which sets the course for effervescent effects and panoramic overlays to captivate leading into the break. Granular synths further the story as the centrepiece unfolds, bringing with them anticipatory moods and ominous qualities, before a thunderous drop puts your senses on high for a thumping conclusion.

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Release Date: 09-06-2023

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