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Nichols – Nascent State [Juicebox Music]

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Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music welcomes Nichols to the label for his debut EP. After much success in the Soul of Noise duo, UK artist Grant Nichols aka Nichols made his solo debut in October of 2017. Coming courtesy of Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, his four track ‘Ethereality’ EP quickly became a favourite of both Hernan Cattaneo and Nick himself. Now presenting just his second solo project, Nichols is welcomed into the Juicebox family via the four track ‘Nascent State’ EP.

Beginning with ‘Timeslide’ we get a darker, progressive minded piece to kick off the EP. Rolling and energetic from the outset it’s tight knit framework is adorned with detailed percussion and timely stabs. The main break shifts the narrative for a moment with hopeful atmospheres releasing tension before ultimately getting washed away as the groove resets for a powerful final act. ‘Harlequin’ lowers the tempo a touch for a groovy more contemporary sounding affair. The lead elements prove to be powerful hooks and the effects storyboard is incredibly fresh. It’s timely drops and transitions are what make it such a bomb for me though, interest never wanes and anticipation remains at a high level across it’s seven minute journey.

The title selection ‘Nascent State’ moves back into pure progressive territory and likely carries largest dance floor presence of the four. The groove is unabashedly big and the scope of the piece sounds enormous as result. A catchy lead theme doesn’t hurt either and this has one in excess, building to an effervescent sizzle during the main break and rolling over everything in its path during the road home. An EP with this much creative depth would not be complete without a reflective piece to cap it off and that’s exactly what ‘The Stand’ does. Hopeful at points but also quite eerie in a way, there’s a unique emotion locked inside this one, getting fully explored during a memorable break, which leaves you contemplative and curious to hear more from the mind of its maker. Praveen has found a special project for Juicebox yet again and one can only hope that more new music from Nichols is right around the corner.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2uub5P4

Release Date: 16-07-2017

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