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Missfeat – Pomni Nashi Sny [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain rounds out the month of April by welcoming Missfeat back to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from France, Matt & Mervyn a.k.a. Missfeat have been producing their brand of multi-cultural organic house for the better part of two years. 3rd Avenue, Nordic Voyage, The Purr, Sound Avenue and more have served as landing spots for the duo's transcendent sound. Having made their Stellar Fountain debut last year with a remix of 'Alma' by Nicolas Giordano, Missfeat now returns to the label for their first EP 'Pomni Nashi Sny', alongside a remix from Nicolas Viana.

With a whimsical flair, it is the title selection ‘Pomni Nashi Sny’ which sets the tone for the release. Warm, voluptuous basslines lay the foundation for dulcet musicality and hazy harmonics to work their magic. Dusty percussive arrangements maintain a buoyant cadence, while tasteful piano motifs and timely chord changes continue to elevate emotion leading into the break. Masterfully constructed, the interlude delights with its wavy arps and nostalgic phrasing, building in a concise and tasteful manner, before eventually giving way for the exotic groove to light up the dancefloor. The spellbinding ‘One More Time’ further cements Missfeat’s elusive vision, as laid back grooves and clattering drums get complemented with hopeful overlays and plush chord stabs. A joyous exchange of melody and texture occurs across the break, where themes of connectedness and hope get translated by spectral vocals, kaleidoscopic motifs and nostalgic effects; perfectly setting up a vocal infused finale.

Providing the lone remix on the release is Nicolas Viana who returns to the label following his 'Sad Eyes' single from last year. Also finding a home on Amulanga, Nordic Voyage, Peace Symphonies and RYNTH, Nicolas lands back on Stellar Fountain with a spirited take on 'Pomni Nashi Sny'. Built around a deep punchy framework, the Tucuman resident focuses on a strong melodic narrative with interwoven piano motifs playing off each other, before spiralling off into a break of haunting vocals, dedicate arps and gentle harmonic phrasing which rounds out the release on a feel good note. highly recommended.

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Release Date: 28-04-2023

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