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Fat Cosmoe – Alderan [Oddity]

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Fat Cosmoe returns to Øddity for an expanded four track EP after featuring on Odd Echoes vol 4. ODTD036 captures his continued development after already clocking up impressive releases for Atlant, and NOTTURNA.

‘Ourselves’ leads the way with Fat Cosmoe again calling upon supremely talented vocalist MAË. Setting a deep irresistible groove from the start, Fat Cosmoe weaves a sonic tapestry from beautiful layered synths. Sparkling piano chords and tasteful strings add even greater emotion as MAË’s rich deep seductive tones mesmerize. Reverberating arps help create a stunning breakdown and the beats re-enter with refinement - making you want to play ‘Ourselves’ all over again.

‘Alderan’ takes us to that special moment where the DJ cues a track making full use of the sound system. Hypnotic cascading arps tug on the heart strings as the crowd moves in unison, letting the melodies wash over them. With tension rising the beats get more insistent before the building pressure is finally released.

‘Hole’ offers contrast, with jagged lines and shuddering bass immediately grasping your attention before the theme enters, working its way deep into your mind. ‘Hole’ is the kind of late set gem to make all conversations stop during the breakdown, as the music speaks for itself. Energetic beats then drive the track home with a real sense of inertia.

EP closer ‘Natch’ turns up the intensity dial a few notches, with Fat Cosmoe showing he can deliver dark broody melodic techno to get even the most stubborn of dance-floors moving. A great way to finish, leaving you in know doubt as to Fat Cosmoe’s production talents.

Buy: bit.ly/3zcbZlK
Release Date: 22-07-2022



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